Hamilton Devices Cloak 510 Thread Vape Cart Battery Review

The Hamilton Devices Cloak™ battery is a masterclass in the blend of discretion and performance. Designed to hide your cartridge from view, it offers an elegant solution for stealth vaping without sacrificing quality. It's a great 510 cart battery for those conceal and stealth vape lovers.

Design and Portability

The ergonomic design of the Cloak™ not only conceals the vape cartridge but also provides an attractive and inconspicuous aesthetic. Its compactness ensures it fits comfortably in the hand or pocket, making it highly portable. With a variety of colors available, users have the option to personalize their devices to their liking.


Powered by a solid 650mAh battery, the Cloak™ offers a reliable vape experience, adjustable between 3.2v and 4.2v. The button-free, draw-activated technology adds to the ease of use, with air flow control via carb holes at the bottom, adaptable to user preference.


The Cloak™ is accommodating to both 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges, although it does not support certain taller mouthpieces. This limitation is a small trade-off for the advantage of stealth. The inclusion of a Micro-USB port, while practical, misses the contemporary mark as we'd prefer the faster and more ubiquitous USB-C for charging.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Stealthy design concealing the cart, adaptable air flow control, solid battery life, and a variety of color options for personalization.
  • Cons: Does not support carts larger than 1ml and utilizes Micro-USB charging instead of the more modern USB-C.


In the ever-evolving world of vape design, the Hamilton Devices Cloak™ represents a significant step towards combining stealth with functionality. While the device's concealment of cartridges is becoming increasingly popular and appreciated, the reliance on Micro-USB is a slight drawback in an age leaning towards USB-C. Nonetheless, for those prioritizing discretion with a willingness to work within the size constraints, the Cloak™ offers a compelling package.