Vape Tanks

    Slim 510 carts or vape tanks come in all forms and dimensions, for different applications such as essential oils, reg. vape juice, wax concentrates and even dry herb READ MORE BELOW

    Cartridges & Vape Tanks Essentials

    Since vape pen batteries are the power plant of the unit the vape tank or cartridges are the limbs that put that power to the ground and perform. A great battery can fall short of its potential with a poor vape tank. It is important that when selecting a cart atomizer that it is paired properly to the battery to make sure the operating and resistance ranges line up.

    You have vape tanks of different shapes and sizes for different batteries but all of them have a heating element that will vaporize them. Heating elements range from quartz, silica, titanium, kanthol, ceramic, glass, and combinations of the above. The key distinction for Wax Pen Cartridges is that some are meant for slim/concealable batteries and others are meant for more high power mod batteries. Fit finishes and mouthpieces very diversely across the board, so do power specs and design.