510 Cart Oil & Wax Removal and Recovery Tools


    Tools to Easily Remove Concentrates from 510 Carts

    The immense growth in popularity of 510 thread batteries of the years has spurred on the growth of the carts used with these vape pens and batteries. The oil and wax concentrates that go into these carts is not cheap and due to the nature of these products’ child safety is the highest priority.  This means that if the cart fails or breaks that your concentrates are more than likely stuck inside the cart. However, some companies such as Honeystick or CartDub have taken notice of this problem and have developed unique solutions to removing oil and wax from 510 thread carts. These products are designed to save 510 thread cart users hundreds or even thousands of dollars in what would have been wasted oil and wax concentrates.  Whether you are looking for a cost-effective way to get your oil out of a single cart or if you have piles of 510 carts that need extraction; these products do their job, do it well, and with a reasonable level of ease.


    Oil Recovery from Prefilled 510 Cartridges

    510 Cart Oil Recovery and Wax Extraction Kits

     Every dollar counts.  The money lost on spent 510 thread carts is so great that we found it necessary to dedicate a category specifically for innovative products that save the vaping public from losing hard-earned dollars on lost oil or wax concentrates stuck in these dead carts.  The ability to recover oil from non-working 510 thread vape cartridges lets users get every penny out of the money they spent. Whether you have a few carts lying around or a shoebox full of them, you can now extract everything.  This includes products with the ability to remove the child-proof tops of 510 thread carts.  Save your oil, save your wax, and get your moneys worth with these amazing products.