For removing oil from cartridge


      With the popularity and growth in the sales of 510 thread prefilled carts, the efficient and effective techniques of removing oil from cartridge become quite important.

      Tools for Easy Refill and Oil Removal from Carts

      Over the last few years not only has the this category become a mainstay for medical and recreational vapers but the number of cartridges that burnt out before their time or didn’t work right out of the box has increased drastically. This increase in cartridges that don’t vape has amounted in vapers having a collection of prefilled cartridges with good expensive oil in them that will never come back to life on their own.

      Oil Recovery from Prefilled 510 Cartridges

      Oil Recovery Kits

      This is why we have dedicated a category for innovative items that will help vapers recover the oil from non working 510 thread vape cartridges. The products in this category that will help veprs recover or save the oil from the broken vape cartridges range from kits that will help you save the oil from the cartridges one at a time or as many as 100 at a time for more industrial oil recovery applications. Between the oil recovery kit and the Cart Dub lite and the Cart dub pro when you have that shoe box full of half used cartridges that cost a pretty penny you can rest assured that there are items, tools and product to help assist you in the safe, efficient, and effective recovery of that oil.