Oil Vape Cartridges for 510 Thread Battery

Vape Cartridge Dictates the Purpose of your Vape Pen

Aside from carrying some of the best batteries, we also carry some of the best vape cartridges, paired already with batteries. Depending on what material you enjoy to vape, cbd oil, weed or wax, there are several tanks and cartridges that can satisfy your needs. Let’s review some of these options.

Cloud 1ml Oil Vape Tank with Ceramic Heater

The Honeystick 510 Cloud Ceramic Tank is a top seller in its class that offers a unique look and a whopping 1 ML capacity tank. The Cloud tank features a leak-free design and sleek Gun Metal color that is unique and impressive.

The Pyrex reservoir is very durable and comes with an adjustable airflow mouthpiece giving the user control over the airflow of each hit. The Cloud has 1.8 MM wide inlet holes that are designed to work with think coils.

Performance Oil Vape Cartridge with Large Glass Tank ReservoirAnother top selling refillable vape cartridges is The Performance 510 Oil Cartridge. Designed to work with thick oil concentrates as well as typical vape juice or CBD oil. This cartridge can hold up to .5 ML and is available in 3 unique colors, but the main reason it is so popular among vapers is it's revolutionary design. The Performance cartridge was designed with the mouthpiece, center post, and ceramic heater mounted together and entirely removable from glass tank reservoir. This will allow extremely easy fill process, especially usefull for thick and concentrated oils. The Performance 510 cart has a 1.20 OHM ceramic coil resistance which provides rapid heat-up time and ultra-powerful hits.

How the 510 Cartridge Works?

Most of vape cartridges, including pre-filled oil carts uses the industry standard 510 thread connector. Reason is simply fact that the vast majority of vapor batteries in the world are using 510 thread connection with vape cartridge or tank. Of course, the actual size, power or functionality of so called 510 thread battery differs from one to another but the connector remain the same making matching possibilities and options, between vape cartridges and batteries much grater.

Popular Oil Vape Cartridges Heater/Coil Types: Wick, Ceramic, QuartzAll vape tanks operates by using an electric heating device that works with a heating coil of some sort (wick, ceramic, quartz coils etc.) The heating element will vaporize the vape juice or oil inside of the cartridge. Some vape pens use wax atomizers that are usually made of either Quartz, ceramic, titanium or other non-toxic material. Some users prefer to use certain types of oil cartridge and even claim that you get a better taste from a specific type, e.g. ceramic vape cartridge, but ultimately, they all work in the same way.