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    Buttonless Auto-Draw Vapes - When it comes to buttonless auto-draw vape battery its all about convenience and simplicity.

    Q/A - Auto Draw Vape Battery

    Q What is an auto draw vape battery?

    A Otherwise known as a buttonless an auto draw vape battery is a type of 510 thread battery that uses the act of inhalation to signal the vape battery to turn on and vaporize the fill of a vape tank or cartridge.

    Q What are the advantages of an Autodraw or buttonless vape battery?

    A The Primary advantages of an auto draw 510 battery are that the feeling of vaping better simulates the actual feeling of traditional combustions smoking than a vaporizer that has a button. People who are transitioning from smoking traditional combustion products such as cigarettes will like this form of vaporizer battery better due to the resistance it has. Other advantages are that most auto draw 510 battery models never have to be unlocked so you can just pick it up and start inhaling and there is less likelihood of accidental activation during transport.

    Q What are the disadvantages of auto draw pen batteries?

    A The biggest disadvantages are that buttonless vape batteries is they usually produce less vapor and are less powerful than vape pen battery with button. Also, you are limited to the type of cartridges that are compatible with auto draw / buttonless vape batteries. Other disadvantages to autodraw vapes are that they require more maintenance in cleaning the connection areas to maintain the airflow sensor and keep it functioning properly. Also, these is more clogging issues that occur when the vape cartridges containing thicker oils are paired with an auto draw vs vape pen battery with button.

    Q What cartridges are compatible with autodraw and buttonless vape batteries?

    A A majority of auto draw vape batteries that are not considered “pods units” or “disposables” are 510 threaded, so a cartridge has to have a 510 thread connector on it. Each cartridge also needs to have a bottom air hole in the center of the 510 connector to allow air to pass through the cartridge or your inhale will not activate the airflow sensor and turn the battery on. Most auto draw batteries require a cartridge that has an electronic resistance between 1.0 ohms and 2.0 ohms to vaporize and the electric resistance cannot be higher or lower than that range or it will not work.

    Q Do auto draw batteries have variable voltage?

    A Many buttonless batteries have variable voltage settings, however this cannot be assumed when purchasing an auto draw or button less vape battery. Generally these will be indicated in the features of the battery from the manufacturer or by the abbreviation “VV” within the title.

    Q If they don’t have a button, how do you switch the voltage on an auto draw battery that has this feature?

    A Generally, there will be a stylus tip on the end of the vape battery which is a hidden button, if this is pressed can alternate voltage usually with 3 consecutive clicks. There is also some auto draw batteries that have a function where you tap the battery or shake it to change the voltage.

    Q Can Auto Draw vape have preheat functionality?

    A This is not the standard as most auto draw vape batteries on the market do not have preheat functionality however there are some models that have this functionality and having preheat functionality is becoming more popular.

    Q What is the capacity of an auto draw vape battery?

    A There is not a set standard however a majority of the batteries that are auto draw range from 280MaH to 650Mah and the most common capacity is 400mah.

    Q What is the maximum power output for an autodraw vape batt?

    A The maximum power output for an autodraw vape battery is 4.5 Volts however this is too much power for most vape cartridges so most of the units on the market are limited to 4.2 Volts.

    Q Does an auto Draw vape unit last longer than a vape pen battery with button?

    A No, it does not. In general auto draw batteries will have sensor malfunctions due to non-cleaning before vape pen battery with button will have any issues. Auto draw batteries require more maintenance and the sensor is more sensitive than the button is to vape residue.

    Q Does an auto draw vape pen produce more vapor than a vape pen battery with button?

    A No they do not produce more vapor, buttonless batteries actually use the power of your inhale to signal the vape battery to turn on so they do not have as much power or produce as much vapor as vape pen battery with button.

    Q What are my options for auto draw batteries? Do they come in different shapes?

    A The most popular auto draw batteries are what are known as stick batteries, they are shaped cylindrical like a pen or pencil, however there is a growing number of auto draw concealers which are box shaped to conceal or hide the vape cartridge.

    Q What is the price range of auto draw or buttonless vape batteries??

    A Auto Draw vape batteries the entry level price is about $9.99 for a standard stick battery however this is generally one without preheat functionality or adjustable power / voltage settings. Higher end models can be as much as $49.99. A reputable branded battery with most features like variable voltage and preheat can be purchased below $19.99.

    Q Are auto draw vapes more popular than vape pen battery with button?

    A When vape Batteries first came on the market it was primarily auto draw batteries that dominated the markets for the cannabis and nicotine sectors. Auto draw batteries still dominate the nicotine sectors of the vape market through Pods and disposable vape devices however push button batteries are now more popular for cannabis and CBD vape usage.

    Q Is an auto draw vape battery better than a push button unit for someone just starting to vape ( a beginner)?

    A If the person is transitioning from traditional combustion smoking products then yes, it is a better battery for a beginner because it most closely resembles and mimics combustion smoking with having a similar resistance or “pull” when inhaling. People who take a deep “lung hit” or a “throat hit” will gravitate more to the sensation from auto draw vape batteries.

    Q If I draw / pull harder on a button less battery will my cloud be bigger?

    A If you draw harder you will pull in more vapor and also more air you will have more vapor volume but the density might not be much more as the power the battery emits will not be changed based on the strength of the inhale. If you want a large vapor cloud a push button variable voltage battery will help maximize your vape cloud.

    Q Is an auto draw battery better than a push button battery?

    A This is the most common question of vape battery customers, and it is completely a subjective answer based on preference of the sensation and convenience. In General; push button batteries are more convenient and compatible with more cartridges and can produce a larger vape cloud and have less resistance on the pull or inhale. Auto draw batteries are simple to operate and more closely mimic the sensation of traditional combustion smoking products. They are however a little more to maintain and compatible with less cartridges.

    Buttonless Vape Pen Pros & Cons

    You have to be aware that when you purchase an auto draw vape pen you are unfortunately going to need to be more mindful of the maintenance required to keep them functioning at an efficient level if you expect to always have a quality vaping experience. Oil or residue from your prefilled 510 thread cartridges can and most likely will eventually build-up and form clogs in the air holes of your cartridges or cover over and keep the auto draw sensors on the battery from reading airflow and firing correctly. This can cause your prefilled 510 thread cartridge to leak or in the worst-case scenarios, it can completely cease your auto draw vape from working. The best way to keep your auto draw vape battery from incurring any issues is to clean the vaporizer, particularly in and around the airflow sensors and the airflow holes of the cartridge on a weekly basis.

    Buttonless Vape Pen Kit - battery and USB charger

    Additionally, the useful life of a buttonless vape pen is typically shorter than that of a comparable push-button vape battery even though this is user-dependent. While the battery life-cycle of auto-draw vaporizers in comparison to that of push-button vaporizers is slight; it should still be looked at as an added expense considering you will have to replace batteries more often. Also, people who are experiencing any kind of respiratory disease or pulmonary medical conditions but have been cleared to vape by a medical professional should think twice about using an auto draw vaporizer simply because there is significant use of the lung capacity and energy used to activate the auto draw function. Outside of these factors, auto draw vape batteries are a great vape product in general and particularly for those that enjoy the feeling of their vaping experience closely mimicking that of a realistic smoking experience.