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    Dab Pens are Built for Wax

    A dab pen is a variation of a wax pen.  They function like one another; but dab pens do not use a 510 thread as their primary way to vape.  Dab pens have a chamber coil that you would fill with wax or other typically sticky concentrates that are not oil.  Some dab pens use a wax tank that you connect to a 510 thread box mod.  However, because these are two pieces that need to be put together; we consider these to be dab rigs more than dab pens.  There are also other dabbing variations such as glass dab rigs, dab e-rigs, nectar collectors, or nectar straws. Many sites combine their wax pen and dab pen content, but VapeBatt.com believes there are some distinctions that separate these vape batteries from one another.

    What makes a dab pen a dab pen?

    Dab pens are designed and built to vape wax concentrate not oil.  There are some dab pens that are multi-use whereby it has 510-thread vape cart connection, nectar collector capabilities, or the ability to vape other various concentrates.  In general, a dab pen can be disassembled into parts that mostly comprise of tips, chambers, and a battery.  The chamber will usually hold a wax vape coil that is made of ceramic or other material.  Those coils usually need to be replaced every few weeks depending on the amount of usage.  The overwhelming majority of dab pens are push button devices that have high capacity batteries.


    Dab pen power and features

    You want to make sure the dab pen has significant battery capacity.  Wax atomizers generally require more power, consistently for longer periods of time to properly vaporize wax concentrates.  This is why dab pens unlike most wax pens are not auto-draw.   If the battery capacity of your dab pen is too low you will either constantly need to charge your device or there is a greater likelihood your vaping experience will not meet your expectations. General rule of thumb is unless your concentrate is easily liquified you don’t want a device that has top line power below 350mAh or 3.5 volts.

    Wax vape coils operate within different power ranges and concentrates also have their ranges depending on viscosity.  For this reason, it is wise to purchase a dab pen that has variable voltage.  This is the ability to adjust the power settings so that you can vape at the right levels for the concentrate that you are using.

    There are other features that you can consider such as haptic feedback, rapid charging, or pre-heat.  And, there are many dab pens today that also cross over with other wax vaping device variations such the ability to use 510 thread vape carts, e-rig conversions, nectar collectors, or nectar straws.  Brands also have varying manufacturer warranty programs as well as price points based on product quality and features or functionality.

    Dab Pens FAQ

    A dab pen serves the same purpose as a wax pen but with different functionality. A dab pen primarily utilizes a chamber and a coil to vaporize concentrate. There are some dab pens that have multi-function capabilities to work with 510 thread vape carts or as a dab rig.
    Choosing the right dab pen comes down to personal preference. However, a major consideration should be battery capacity because you will generally need more, consistent power to when using a dab pen.
    A dab pen from a well-known manufacturer should last for years if properly maintained and stored. Many of the top manufacturers back their dab pens with a warranty. You should know that dab pen vape coils burn out regularly and usually need to be replaced every few weeks with normal usage.
    To maintain your dab pen you should store it in a cool, dry place. Exposure to heat or prolonged sunlight can decrease battery and components life span. Regularly inspect components for concentrate residue build-up where it does not belong. Clean those areas with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol and let dry.
    No, dab pens come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to check product specs and features to be sure it will meet your needs. Go as far as checking the manufacturers website and watch reviews online to be confident in your purchase.