Best Vape Pen Battery for Wax, Oils and E-Juice

When it comes to versatility, there is no better choice than a 510 threaded vape battery and cart. 510 thread standard is used for both, a vape pen and cartridge connection type. There are a screw-on female and male-ended connection. Its vaporizer industry standard, very easy to use, very similar to a nut and bolt connection - one piece just screws right into the other and there is no wrong way to do it. Typically the battery has the female-end connection and the cartridge you use has the male connector as shown in the screenshot below:
510 Thread Battery and Cartridge Connection
Aside from the versatility and ease of use, 510 thread vape products are also interchangeable with most vape carts and pen batteries. This means that you can easily purchase a replacement tank or battery and swap it into your existing setup with ease.

Multipurpose Vape Batteries are the Best Solutions

Customers often turn to us with questions about our products such as which is the best 510 vape pen battery for vaping oils or dab pens. While we don’t have the exact answer, we can certainly recommend a few of our most popular multipurpose and 510 thread universal vape batteries that have been purchased by many satisfied customers.

One of the best multipurpose batteries we strongly recommend is the Twist 510 Vape Battery. This is one of our best, durable and powerful units. (1) With industry-standard 510 thread you can mount the most cartridges available on the market. (2) 500mAh electric capacity will give you enough of ‘juice’ to vape all day uninterrupted by re-charging. Side note, it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge. (3) Fire button function allows you to use all types of pre-filled carts: with bottom, side, or no air holes at all in the cartridge mount. (4) The pre-Heat function will let you use thick CO2 Oils or Wax Concentrates. (5) Twist knob adjustable variable voltage will let you set the perfect temperature for your wax or oil to produce the biggest rips without burning your material. (6) It is also the most popular economy vape batts that come at a very affordable price point and also very durable. Available in 5 different color options, the Twist is available for only $14.98 and comes with a USB charging module.

Multipurpose 510 Vape Battery for oil and concentrate cartridges

For just $10 more we offer Twist 51 Vape Pen Starter Kit, for those who are looking for the perfect setup for vape oils ready to go out of the box. With variable voltage adjustment between 2.0V - 4.0V (with a twist knob at the bottom) and preheat this vape starter kit is suitable even for thick CO2 THC oils, but will also work with typical e-liquid. Performance vape tank has 0.5ml capacity and 1.2Ohm resistance ceramic heater. A setup like this guarantees rapid fast heat-ups and big intense rips.

Twist 51 Vape Pen Starter Kit Elements

There are many other vape batteries that we offer for sale. To view our complete selection visit 510 thread battery section of our vape shop. You can also call or email us if you need help or have questions about the products you see on our website.

Cartridge Dictates the Purpose of your Vape

Oil Vape cartridges

Aside from carrying some of the best batteries, we also carry some of the best vape pens, paired already with batteries. Depending on what you prefer (oil or wax etc…) there are several tanks and cartridges that can satisfy your needs. Let’s review some of these options.Oil and Vape Liquid Batteryw/ Variable Voltage Knob

The Honeystick 510 Cloud Ceramic Tank is another top seller in its class that offers a unique look and a whopping 1 ML capacity tank. The Cloud tank features a leak-free design and sleek Gun Metal color that is unique and impressive. The Pyrex reservoir is very durable and comes with an adjustable airflow mouthpiece giving the user control over the airflow of each hit. The Cloud has 1.8 MM wide inlet holes that are designed to work with think coils.

510 vape tank for e-liquid

The Performance 510 Oil Cartridge is one of our top selling refillable cartridges designed to work with oil concentrates. This cartridge can hold up to .5 ML and is available in 3 unique colors. The Performance 510 cart has a 1.20 OHM coil resistance which provides rapid heat-up time and ultra-powerful hits.

Turn it into Dab Pen with Wax Cartridges

Cartridges like the Silencer 510 Wax Tank, could easily turn your vape pen into a dab pen beast. This awesome-looking tank is capable of working with Auto Draw batteries or standard vape batteries. It has a very rapid heat-up time and works with a Ceramic bowl that provides flavor-rich hits. The Silencer has Ultra Low resistance (1.1 Ohms) and works with a heating rod made of Silicone Carbide. This small tank has a high capacity bowl for such a small-sized tank and packs a ton of power.

510 Thread Battery for Wax Concentrates

To view more 510 vape products, visit our vape shop or speak with a representative. We have staff members ready to take your call or chat with you to go over questions that you might have about our products.