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    A Vape battery, just as the name suggest, is a battery that provides electrical power to a cartridge or atomizer in order to allow it to vaporize for inhalation.

    Types of vape batteries we sell

    Vape Pen Battery

    The term Vape Pen, generally means a battery that is shaped and sized like a pen and used in conjunction with a cartridge to vaporize. Vape Pen Batteries do come with several features, power outputs and different functionalities. Most of them are made specifically for vaporizing 510 thread prefilled oil cartridges used for medicinal , therapeutic, or recreational use. There are two major types of vape pen batteries and that is push button or auto draw batteries ( buttonless). Most Vape Pen Batteries are between 280 and 650mAh capacity in terms of size and operate between 2 and 4.5 Volts.

    Vape Battery Examples

    Cartridge Battery or Mini Vape

    A cartridge battery or mini vape can at often times be termed a concealer. It is a small box pen that is designed specifically to house a 510 thread prefilled cartridge and keep it concealed from view. The small 510 cartridge will usually screw in or fall into a chamber on the battery and keep it hidden and the entire package is very small miniature size and can usually fit into the 3rd pocket on your tightest of jeans. These are great pens for the purpose of vaping a cartridge and the discreetness way to vape. Many of these pens have solid power and capacity and can be purchased in push button or auto draw format. Some of these units are even digital. Once in use these little units look like Mini Vape mods and function similarly.

    best 510 thread battery for cartridges

    Battery for a Wax or Dab Pen Battery

    This is a 510 thread battery that is meant to power up a wax atomizer or a dab tank. Generally, a wax atomizer or a dab tank will require more current and a higher output of power in order to get them to function properly and vaporize. For this reason, you cannot just use any vape battery to properly power up your dab pens and you need a dab pen battery. Dab pen batteries will be above 350mah and many times even be sub ohm. All of them will have adjustable voltage and will have a 510 thread adapter to power a vast majority of the dab tanks on the market. Wax coils require a strong steady output of current and you need a special dab pen battery to provide this for proper vaporization of your wax concentrates.

    Dab Pen Battery

    510 Thread Vape Pen Battery

    A 510 thread battery is the most common vaporizing battery on the market. 510 is the number code that was assigned to describe the thread pattern used by standard vaporizer batteries to receive an atomizer. About 10 years ago the market was segmented with different threads used to fire different brands in atomizers but the vapor industry has since consolidated and now uses 510 as the standard metric that covers 98% of the batteries and cartridges on the market. today most people use the term 510 thread battery however when they refer to a specific type of 510 thread battery and that is one to vaporize prefilled cartridges from dispensaries. These batteries are usually stick batteries specifically designed with features, power and the resistance to vaporize these prefilled cartridges the best.

    510 Thread Pen Battery Examples