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    Best Vape Pens & Vaporizers

    A vape pen is a vapor device in the general shape, size, and dimensions of a regular pen. Usually assembled by screwing vape battery and 510 thread cartridge together.

    Vape pens for sale on VapeBatt

    We carry two general categories of vape pens for sale in our shop. Buttonless with auto-draw functionality and the most common button activated vape pens and box mod vapes. When it comes to vaporizers, there are many types available. Box mod vaporizers and vape pens for nicotine e-liquid, CBD oils, and medical marijuana oil (which usually come in thick, concentrated form). Each product we sell is unique and specific to the consistency and texture of the material you’re vaping. The mini box mod vape units are definitely bestsellers from all vape pens for sale in our shop. The mod vapes are a higher capacity ranging on average between 650mah and 1800mah. These vapor batteries are usually more advanced in their functionality. They were meant for cannabis oil vape cartridges, however, they will work with e-juice cartridges as well.


    Cannabis Oil Vape Pen

    The Cannabis oil vape pen must be suitable for vaping weed oils and concentrates. More precisely, the vape battery must be powerful enough to work with ceramic heaters or coil atomizers in cannabis vape carts. Many people use them because of their battery high capacity and longer battery life. The medicinal weed oil is usually thicker than classic e-liquid and requires more power and functionality options from a vaporizer. We have several tops in the line Cannabis oil vape pens for sale, in both, classic slim vape stick style and mini-mod cartridge concealers.

    Vape Pens for Weed Oil

    Most vapes on the market (including vaporizers for cannabis oil) are using universal 510 thread internal screw connectors. Sometimes referred to as a “male connection”. 510 thread batteries are very popular among users for a variety of reasons. Within pen-style vapes, there are variances such as push-button and buttonless vapes. Push Button units have an array of options from simple push to vape function to variable voltage output settings and pre-heat. Newer to the market, twist vape batteries with the knob at the bottom to dial the desired voltage. Some 510 vaporizers also have a pre-heat function, very useful when vaping thick cannabis oil or concentrate. The pre-heat function is used to initially ‘break’ and melt the solid-like concentrates and oils without burning them.

    Choosing Vape Pen for E-Liquid

    The most convenient type of vape pen for e-liquid is an auto-draw buttonless pen. There are few requirements for this type of pen but overall usage is as simple as it gets – simply inhale.

    The classic button operating box mod vape or vape pen for e-Juice will be chosen by people who are looking for bigger and more intense clouds from their e-liquid.

    510 Thread Vape Pens and MODsAuto-draw (Buttonless) Vapor Batteries

    Things to keep in mind for buttonless vaporizers are making sure the sensors are kept clean. Since e-liquid is very thin it is easy to spill during the refill of your vape cartridge. Sometimes your cart or mouthpiece will leak when vaping e-juice, and once e-liquid dries out covering your connector you will not be able to vape.

    The second important thing to remember with buttonless vape pens for e-liquid is that the 510 vape cartridge needs to have an airflow hole at the bottom of the cartridge. Auto-draw vapor batteries are activated by airflow from your inhale. So, when you pick the vape cartridge for e-juice make sure it operates with bottom tank airflow vents that run through them in order for it to work. Slim style auto-draw pens are more simplistic in their design. However, buttonless vape batteries have recently garnered more attention in terms of finding ways to add features; its main focus is to mimic the aspects of smoking by providing resistance against inhalations the user takes with an auto-draw unit.

    Buttonless Vape PensClassic Button Operated Vaporizers

    Standard 510 vape pens used for e-juice are widely used due to their compatibility across all devices and bigger power capacity. You can pick any 510 thread battery and match it with the vape tank of your choice. Regardless of your preference to use a pen-style or mod box vape, button-operated units operate in a very similar way. The majority of them are in industry-standard 510 thread in both: the battery and vape cartridge.

    Operation procedures are basic and standardized. Generally, to turn the unit on/off a user has to click the power button five (5) times quickly and consistently in order to turn the battery on or off. They also will have an auto cut-off safety feature that will automatically cut off the power without shutting the battery off if the power is on and the power button is held for more than the allotted time. This allotted time usually ranges from eight (8) to fifteen (15) seconds depending on the safety standards set by the vape battery manufacturer. Some of these batteries also have an auto-off feature that will automatically turn the battery off if it is not used for more than a set amount of time.

    Voltage & Resistance Factor

    Eliminating resistance usually means you will take bigger drags, bigger drags tend to result in bigger clouds, and for some big clouds are important. They also tend to produce a smoother hit and because there is no resistance; it feels almost as if the vapor is being pushed into your mouth. You also probably want to use push-button vapor batteries, particularly one with a pre-heat function if your oils or concentrates are thick because they will have the power to loosen them up and make for a more pleasurable vaping experience.

    Vaporizers for 510 CartridgesVape Pen Cartridge Concealers

    Box mod vape or concealers (as the oil carts are usually concealed within the unit body) are gaining huge popularity lately. While typical pen-style vapor batteries own a greater share of the market; the simplicity and realism behind concealable vape are quickly taking back market share as weed oil vape enthusiasts find them very portable, useful, and discrete. Box mod vape comes with buttonless (auto-draw) functionality or button operated. Buttonless vape mods have sensors that activate whenever you inhale on your vape cart. Because they are sensor activated, buttonless vape batteries do not usually have a pre-heat function and are intended more for e-liquid or thin CBD oil.

    Box mod vape for 510 cartridges

    The majority of the box mods come with basic push-button functionality. Simple and straight-forward use with many safety features. They usually have additional features, such as a pre-heat mode for thick oils and concentrates or variable voltage functionality which regulates the amount of output power. This is important especially with wax pen cartridge or medical cannabis oil carts, as this type of material requires very specific temperature and output power.

    Box Mod Vaporizers Concealing Vape CartridgesAs people become more experienced with vaping and have a greater understanding of the nuances and benefits associated with it; they usually look to upgrade to variable voltage type vape batteries. Vape box mod kits give the vaper the ability to turn up or turn down the power. The features adopted by modern box vaporizers are constantly increasing, but the variable voltage is the most common feature found on almost all box mod vaporizers. Some of these vapes have a few temperatures presets that you simply ‘click-through’ to reach your desired vaping intensity while other mods allow you to set the specific number of watts or the exact temperature you want to achieve.

    Best 510 thread battery for cartridges

    Retail consumer purchases increase for vapor batteries suggest vapers are looking for a 510 thread battery that has greater portability, enhanced features, is easier to conceal, and will work with a wider array of vape cartridges. Pen-style vapor batteries have all of this and more which means manufacturers will continue to put greater emphasis on delivering a wider array of the universal 510 thread batteries to satisfy market demand.

    With our modern vapor batteries selection, you will notice improvements in battery mAh capacity, life, features, functionality, components, and reliability as vapor brands establish a market position. One of the newer options in the market is a 510 thread battery with a twist adjustment variable voltage. These batteries have a knob or a dial that lets you adjust your power settings.

    Stick Vape Pen BatteriesCannabis Extractors and dispensaries are pre-filling such a wide assortment of cannabis oil cartridges that finding the right vape pen battery will come down to brand preference and how the manufacturing brands position themselves in the market. Prefilled cannabis oil cartridges are using different types of heaters such as Kanthal, stainless steel, or ceramic and within ceramic if it’s coated or a c-cell within these batteries will produce different results. These different weed oil cartridges and different vapor batteries will interact differently with one another. However, because of the universal 510 thread most of the oil cartridges and today's vapor batteries will work together. It will be up to the end-user to decipher which combination will work best for them.

    Vape Pens FAQ

    Vape pens are portable devices used for vaping various substances, and stick batteries are their power sources, typically designed in a slim, stick-like shape for easy handling and usage.
    When choosing a vape pen and stick battery, consider the type of substance you'll be vaping, the capacity of the battery (mAh), compatibility, size, and additional features like adjustable voltage or preheat function.
    The lifespan of a stick battery depends on its capacity and usage, but on average, a fully charged stick battery can provide several hours of vaping.
    Maintenance involves regular cleaning of the vape pen, avoiding overcharging the battery, storing it in a cool dry place, and replacing parts as needed to ensure optimal performance.
    While most vape pens are designed to be compatible with stick batteries, it's essential to check the specifications of both your vape pen and battery to ensure they match.