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    Wax Pens use 510 Thread Vape Carts

    There is some confusion as to the difference between a wax pen and a dab pen.  We at VapeBatt.com refer to a Wax Pen as any device where the primary functionality is to vaporize a 510 thread vape cart. Wax pens also work with oil vape carts and may have other functionalities as it pertains to vaping wax concentrates.  This differs from how we classify dab pens which we interpret to be any vape device built with the primary functionality requires putting concentrate in a chamber.  There may be some cross over in terms of functionality as technologies advance, but we look at the primary function of the device.

    What to Look for in a good Wax Pen

    There are a wide variety of features in wax pens but having a good battery means making sure that a few of these features meet a standard. Vaping wax requires more power and causes greater strain on the devices internal components as it needs to meet a high level of performance on a consistent basis.  

    1. Battery Capacity – Wax pens should have a battery capacity of at least 320mAh and 3.5V.  If the battery capacity is lower in either of these two categories, you’re most likely going to have a tough time vaping wax concentrate.  A higher capacity battery typically also means that you will have more time before you will need to charge it.
    2. Manufacturer Reputation – This is arguably more important for dab pens, but you should still do your homework and make sure you are purchasing a device made by a manufacturer that stands behind their product.
    3. Preheat – Preheat functionality for wax is a good thing to have.  Wax is thick and preheat will come in handy to loosen up your concentrate making it easier to vape.
    4. Variable Voltage – If you plan on switching between wax vape carts and oil vape carts or if you use multiple brands of wax with varying viscosities, you are most likely going to want to, or need to, adjust the power to better align your experience.  If you can’t adjust then in some instances, you may find yourself in a situation where you are having trouble vaporizing, burning excess, or creating a less-enjoyable taste.

    Wax Pens FAQ

    We define a wax pen as a device with the power to vaporizer wax concentrate primarily through a 510 thread vape cart. It will also work with oil vape carts and can have other functionalities. Its main features will be higher battery capacity, variable voltage, and preheat. They are made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
    Like most things, choosing the right wax pen depends on individual need. However, you do want to be sure to consider battery capacity, power adjustability, preheating functionality, and manufacturer reputation as part of your purchasing decision.
    To use a wax pen you would screw a vape cart into a 510 thread. Because wax requires a greater amount of consistent power, the overwhelming majority of wax pens are push button operation.
    Cleaning and maintenance of a wax pen is not as involved as a dab pen. But, you still want to clean the 510 thread connection areas regularly to avoid residue build-up as this can cause device malfunction. Cleaning consists of swabbing these areas with a q-tip and Isopropyl Alcohol until clean and allowing it to dry before using again. Aside, form this, reusable wax vape carts will need to have their coils replaced every few weeks with regular use.
    At VapeBatt.com, we define a wax pen as and device whose primary function is vaping through a 510 thread vape cart. Our definition of a dab pen is any device whose primary function is through a chamber that is loaded with concentrate in order to vape. There is some crossover of functionalities among some multi-use devices that can have both a chamber and the ability to attach a 510 thread vape cart or also have additional functionality such as dab rig or nectar collector functions.