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Explore our diverse collection of some of the best cart battery brands and products available in the market.

    49 products's Cart Battery Collection has Something for Everyone's collection of cart batteries contains a wide array of products and brands that work for all types of 510 carts.  Whether you are using pre-filled 510 thread carts or filling them yourselves; there is something for everyone in this collection. Many of these 510 thread battery devices are compact in size and packed full of features.  They are high-quality, authentic cart batteries that were hand-selected by because they come from brands that have built a strong reputation for developing great vape batteries or are the newest, hottest 510 thread batteries to hit the market.

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    The Best Cart Battery Brands

    Every 510 thread vape cart battery in our collection reflects our commitment to providing products from some of the best vape battery manufacturers in the world.  One of our biggest factors in determining which brands to feature is if they stand behind their product with a manufacturer warranty.  We want our customers purchases to be protected beyond our policy.  Because of this, we feature brands like Honeystick, Ooze, Hamilton Devices, Rokin, Lookah, and Exxus to name a few.  By carrying these manufacturers cart batteries, can confidently move forward knowing that its customers are received value-added protection for their purchases.

    Warranty Meets Functionality

    While warranty is important this is not the only area of importance. understands that its customers have wide-ranging needs and we need to have selection of cart batteries that meet their needs.  This means that there are cart batteries that have a simple, straight-forward functionality while others have robust features that include variable voltage, temperature control, pre-heat, battery capacity, USB charging options and more. There are even some cart batteries that are chosen for their aesthetic that could be sleek, stylish, simple, fun, or compact so they can be easily concealed or convenient to carry. From this we know that you can find the right cart battery to meet your needs.

    Is a Cart Battery Different from a 510 Thread Battery?

    No, a cart battery is a 510-thread battery, there is no difference.  These are simply descriptive terms that help users identify the type of battery they are looking to purchase when searching vape stores online.  In general, you will land on similar products regardless of which terms you search.

    How to Choose the Best Cart Battery

    Cart Batteries come is various shapes and sizes and varying levels of features.  There are a multitude of considerations you can make when deciding which cart battery to purchase. You should look at the size of the cart battery.  If you are planning to take your vape where ever you go; you probably want a battery that is smaller in size. Small vape batteries are typically easier to carry on your person and conceal better in your hand if you are planning on vaping out in the open.  Another consideration is how well the device protects your cart.  Some cart batteries completely conceal carts within the battery while others only cover some or even none of the cart.  Since these are 510 thread batteries you probably also want to look at how the thread connects to device.  Some cart batteries connect through magnets that you screw onto the cart while other screw directly into the battery.  Then there are typical features to consider such as variable voltage, temperature control, pre-heat functions, charging options, how the battery functions whether it be push-button or auto-draw, and does the manufacturer provide a warranty.  For the warranty, most manufacturers that have it provide those details on their website.

    What if I have questions about a Cart Battery sold on

    Email Us! Send your questions to Our customer service team will do their best to answer your questions and get you the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.  Most questions are answered in 1 business day.  Hours of operation can be found on our Contact Us page and our Shipping, Return, and other policies are linked at the bottom of our website.

    Cart Batteries FAQ

    A cart battery is a 510 thread battery designed to vape 510 thread carts that are pre-filled or filled by the user. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from small vapes that are easy to carry on your person and conceal in your hand to larger tabletop devices. Carts are connected to the cart battery by magnet or directly by screwing the cart into the battery. Cart Batteries can be push-button or auto-draw and can be simplistic or have robust features to dial into your vaping experience.
    When choosing the best cart battery you need to consider size, product features, and functionality that falls in-line with your needs that include how, when, and where you plan to use your cart battery. The size of the device, how you connect the cart, the manner in which the cart battery functions, if it has features like variable voltage, temperature control, preheat, battery capacity and charging options, and does the product have a manufacturer warranty are some of the main considerations to take into account.
    In general, the majority of the 510 carts in the market today work with both push-button and auto-draw cart batteries. For auto-draw cart batteries you need to be sure the cart you are planning to use has an airflow hole in the bottom of the cart or they will not work together. Cart compatibility isn't an exact science and with the amount of different carts available for purchase it is always a good idea to check and make sure your cart is compatible and that the cart will fit the cart battery you are thinking about purchasing. Many cart providers have this information on their respective websites or product packaging.
    These are electronic devices so handling them accordingly is important. Because of this one of the only real ways to maintain your cart battery is by cleaning the connection area to remove residue build-up. It is a normal occurrence for vape carts to leave some oil or wax residue behind. Any amount of residue can cause the device to malfunction and cause connectivity issues. If you find residue in your connection are you can clean it by dipping a q-tip in Isopropyl Alcohol and swab the cart connection area until all residue is gone. Your device should be off and unplugged from charging when doing this. Once clean let the area dry before attempting to use your device.
    Many cart batteries work with both oil and wax carts. However, this isn't always the case and if you plan on using both oil carts and wax carts with your vape battery that you check all possible resources, most notably the manufacturer, to be fully informed prior to purchasing a device.