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    Best Dry Herb Vape Pen Collection

    VapeBatt carries a great selection of dry-herb vaporizers and weed accessories such as blunt pipes and bongs. Awesome options for dry herb vapers and smokers.

    Best Dry Herb Vaporizers & Glass Blunt Pipes

    For those users who might not have concentrates available in their local dispensaries or those who just want to stay traditional and keep it green a dry herb vaporizer might still be a better alternative than traditional combustion or bong’n it! The category of pocket dry herb vapes has been one of the fastest-growing within the 420 vapes category for the following reasons. Pocket vapes are transportable you can easily drop them in your pocket or purse and go about your day and take your medicine or chillaxer as you need. The smell, as opposed to combusting dry herbs vaporizing it the smell is much less distinct and it dissipates quickly in the event you are trying to be discrete.

    Smoking weed vs vaping

    On average there is more flavor found in vapes, when you combust the temperature of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit will burn off many of the terpenes and other cannabinoids before making it to the patient/user, in flower, this is what really provides flavor and when low temperature vaporizing (390F) it keeps more of the terps and cannabinoids from getting burned up and provide a more flavorful experience. For the same reason as the above you get more effect for less flower, less of the usefulness of Dry herb is burned off and makes it to the user so you essentially get more for less. Vaporizing flower is more efficient, it is a slower burn than combustion, and more of the flower is used and makes it to the user. For this reason, we built out this category and selection where if you are a flower vaper or Flower smoker looking to try vape, you can find an awesome device here.