Honeystick Twist - A Push Button & Auto Draw 510 Thread Vape Cart Pen Battery Review

Delve into the realm of advanced vaping with the Honeystick Twist 510 Vape Cart Pen Battery by Vape Honeystick. This vape pen, priced at an accessible $20, merges functionality with style, offering a dual-activation system to please any vaper.

Design and Features

The Honeystick Twist stands out with its universal 510 thread connection and a color palette that makes it more than just a vaping device; it's a statement piece. The adjustable voltage via a twist knob allows for a personalized vaping experience, ranging from a gentle 2.0V to a robust 4.0V.

Battery Performance - Powerful For A Small Pen

Equipped with a high-performance 650mAh battery, the Twist ensures extended vaping sessions. The fast USB-C charging feature keeps the device powered up and ready to go, reducing wait times significantly. We hope to see every vape pen manufacture switch from Micro-USB to USC-C as its a big difference in convenience, charging speed, and reliability.

Unique Feature: Dual - Activation Mechanism

Flexibility is at the forefront with the Twist's dual-activation mechanism. Choose the ease of draw-activated use or the precision of button activation for an optimal vaping session tailored to your preferences.


The quick 12-second preheat option is a testament to the device's user-centric design, preparing your oils or dabs for immediate use. The sleek, pocket-friendly design coupled with its color options—ranging from muted tones to bright hues—ensures that it fits both your hand and your style perfectly.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Versatile dual-activation, customizable voltage settings, long-lasting battery life, quick charging via USB-C, stylish design with multiple color options.
  • Cons: While versatile, those new to vaping may need time to adjust to the various settings and activation modes.


The Honeystick Twist 510 Thread Vape Cart Pen Battery offers a blend of innovation, style, and control. It is an excellent choice for vapers at any experience level looking for a reliable, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing vaping solution.