Ooze Twist 2.0 Slim 510 Thread Vape Cart Pen Battery Review

The Ooze Twist 2.0 Slim Vape Pen represents a significant evolution from its predecessors. With a sleeker design and enhanced functionality, this vape pen promises an elevated experience. Priced competitively at $14.43, the Twist 2.0 combines portability with cutting-edge features like auto-draw activation and haptic feedback technology.

Design and Build Quality

The pen's slim profile not only makes it more portable but also lends to a more modern and discreet appearance. The device is engineered for both durability and convenience, with a 510 screw-in connection that offers a secure fit for a variety of cartridges.

Battery Life and Charging

With a 320mAh battery capacity, the Twist 2.0 is designed for on-the-go usage with USB-C smart-charging capability. This ensures quick recharging and readiness for users. The inclusion of both USB-C and screw-in charging offers versatility and user convenience.


The pen’s voltage can be adjusted from 2.0V to 4.0V, allowing users to find their perfect hit. Features like the 10-second preheat (Prep Mode) and the 10 Second Puff Cycle (Safe Sesh Cycle) enhance the vaping experience by optimizing the temperature and duration of each draw.

Features and Usability

Equipped with Pulse Wave Technology, the pen provides haptic feedback, vibrating to indicate when it’s ready to use. Its dual inhalation options—push-button and auto-draw—give users control over their vaping experience, while the battery life indicator keeps them informed of the device's status. The 12-minute auto-off feature serves to preserve battery life, adding to the pen’s overall efficiency.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Affordable pricing, slim and discreet design, versatile charging options, adjustable voltage, innovative haptic feedback, and dual inhalation methods.
  • Cons: The battery capacity might be on the lower side for heavy users who may require more frequent charging.


The Ooze Twist 2.0 Slim Pen is a budget-friendly option that does not skimp on features. It is ideally suited for vapers who prioritize portability and enjoy the convenience of advanced functionalities such as haptic feedback and auto-draw. With its array of smart features packed into a slim design, the Twist 2.0 represents a fine balance between affordability and performance.