Yocan Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

For those seeking the pinnacle of portable dry herb vaping, the Yocan Wulf Next by Wulf Mods is designed to deliver pure flavor and voluminous vape clouds in a compact, discreet form. This device is set to redefine your vaping experience with its innovative features and exceptional performance.

Compact and Discreet Design

Standing at just 4 inches tall, the Yocan Wulf Next is both compact and portable, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go vaping or relaxing at home. Its sleek design ensures that it fits comfortably in your hand or pocket, providing a discreet vaping experience without compromising on performance.

Dry Herb Chamber

The Yocan Wulf Next boasts a spacious and efficient dry herb chamber, ensuring optimal vaporization of your materials. The chamber is designed to hold a sufficient amount of finely ground herbs, providing smooth and flavorful hits. Proper loading is key; it's recommended to fill the chamber halfway to maintain good airflow and avoid overpacking, which can block the airflow and reduce performance. Here’s a visual of the dry herb chamber to give you a closer look:

Dry Herb inside Yocan Wulf Dry Herb Vape

Powerful Battery and Performance

The Wulf Next is powered by a robust 1600mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting sessions without frequent recharging. It features five temperature settings (ranging from 356°F to 428°F), allowing you to customize your vaping experience to your preference. The device heats up in just 30 seconds, ensuring you can enjoy your sessions without delay.

Innovative Features

This vaporizer comes equipped with a magnetic mouthpiece, making loading and cleaning effortless. The power boost mode is a standout feature, incrementally increasing the temperature by 10 degrees every 5 seconds during the boost phase. Additionally, the automatic 4-minute shut-off feature prevents battery drain and overheating, enhancing both safety and convenience.

Yocan Wulf Dry Herb Vape insdies

Ease of Use

Operating the Wulf Next is simple and intuitive. To power up the device, press the power button rapidly five times. Adjusting the temperature is equally straightforward; just double-click the power button to cycle through the available settings. Loading your dry herbs is a breeze: remove the magnetic mouthpiece, finely grind your herbs, and load them into the chamber. It's best to fill the chamber halfway to ensure optimal airflow and performance.

Battery Life and USB-C Charging

The Yocan Wulf Next is equipped with a powerful 1600mAh battery, providing extended usage between charges. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy long vaping sessions or need a reliable device for on-the-go use. The inclusion of USB-C charging technology means that the Wulf Next can be recharged quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime. This modern charging port is a significant upgrade over older micro-USB ports, ensuring compatibility with the latest charging standards and providing a faster, more reliable charging experience.

USB Charging for Wulf Next Dry Herb Vape


Maintaining the Wulf Next is essential for long-lasting use and smooth sessions. Regular cleaning is simple with the included brush. Remove the mouthpiece and clean the chamber to remove any residue, ensuring the device remains in top condition.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Compact and discreet design, powerful 1600mAh battery, customizable temperature settings, quick heat-up time, magnetic mouthpiece for easy loading and cleaning, and automatic shut-off for safety.
  • Cons: Limited to specific charging instructions to prevent damage, and may require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.


The Yocan Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performing, and discreet device. Priced at $87.99, it offers great value with its robust features and superior vaping experience. Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced user, the Wulf Next is designed to meet your needs with style and efficiency.