5 Pros of buying full Vape Starter Kit


Is Complete Vape Starter Kit Better?

Fully inclusive vape starter kit is the perfect start for someone begins on the vaping journey. Beginners are often unsure of what they need to start vaping. If they go and buy components separately, they can often miss something and go home disappointed that they cannot test out their new vape.

So many manufacturers have put together complete turnkey vape starter kits that have everything a beginning vaper needs to get started in one bundled set. To add to the dilemma’s vapers are facing, sometimes even if they buy all the separate component’s – they may not work with each other.

Compatibility issues can add to their difficulties of getting up their vape pen system, and have it running. This all adds to the attractiveness of the vape pen starter kit bundle. These bundles aren't just for e-liquid but also extend to oil and dab pens as well. Keep convenience and budget in mind and go for a starter kit bundle when buying your next vape pen.

#1 The Typical Vape starter kit contains

The contents of a typical vape starter kit consists of all the essentials to get you up and vaping. Its powerplant is a 510 thread battery, which is the main part of any set. Next there is a tank or an atomizer, which will be the part you fill that with the battery will do the actual vaporizing.

The next component will be something to help charge the battery be it an actual charger or charging cable. Most starter kits will include an extra replacement coil for the atomizer and tank. This is everything you need to get rolling and when you get a starter kit the experts (the manufacturer) ensure that it all works well together, and you can vape happily ever after, without any issues.

Vape Starter Kit with USB charger or charging cable.

#2 Out of the Box Perfect Pairing

Buying a starter kit guarantees an out of the box perfect pairing of your vapor components. It can be hard to select a battery and a cartridge that pair well together and perform properly. many times, a battery can over or under power an atomizer causing issues that might not even let the vaporizer fire or have the coils burn out too quickly.

Sometimes it is hard to get the proper coil as a replacement, the benefit of the starter kit is that it puts the novice user in mind and makes this process convenient as well as worry free. Buying a starter kit really eliminates the issues of purchasing separate components and provides a solid combination of essentials for the perfect vaping experience.

#3 Best vape pen starter kits for oil

Some of the best bundled starter kits for vaping oil don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive. You can get a very high-quality oil pen starter kit without breaking the bank.

Some of the Bestselling models are the Honeystick Elf concealer which has everything you need in an oil starter kit and is the perfect setup for someone who likes auto-draw or the buttonless battery. if you want a clean push button battery you cannot go wrong with the beekeeper 2.0 oil set which is a great and sleek way to vape your pre-filled oil carts and it also comes with a complete set of elements, 510 vape cartridge, magnet adapter and 650mAh vape battery.

If you vape e-liquid and want a mod, the Wismec predator, Aspire Speeder and Sigelei MT220 these starter kits come with everything including replacement parts and are top performers and sell at a great price. Each unit feels very high quality in the hand and are durable.

#4 Hidden Bonuses & Extras within starter kit

Many vape starter kits include some hidden extra gems of replacement parts that are essential routine Maintenance with a vaporizer. As you use your vape tanks, gaskets wear out, tank glasses Break, coils burn out, and mouthpieces get worn out.

These parts alone can be very hard to find separately when they need to be replaced. Vape starter kits have thought about this, and most kits will include these parts that need replacing within the kit so you don't have any stress and can just enjoy your vape pen.

Aficionado dab pen vape starter kit: 2 extra tanks, 2 wax atomizers, 510 battery and dab tool

Spare parts get harder and harder to find especially as the vapes get older and older as most distributors will only stock replacement parts for the current model year tanks. So, purchasing a starter kit is not only a good convenient buy but it also plans ahead by providing you with some of these essential spare parts you will need as you maintain your vape.

#5 Best dab pen kit

Many people get sticker shock when it comes to dab pen kit. When you look at some nice vape starter kits by Puffco you are blown away by the quality and performance but the amount of money that leaves your pocket also doesn't leave a good after taste. You can get a great dab pen kit on a budget. After lots of testing many models, we have found several reliable units and brands offering a good quality of kits with highly performing wax tanks powered by powerful dab pen battery.

From Slim and classic dab pens the Honeystick Nano-Dabber & Ooze pen Slim Twist Pro, lead the pack with high performing wax pens that are inexpensive but pack a punch and have the quality to back it up.

Cannabis Cup Dab Pen Starter Kit with extra wax atomizers, dab tool and charging cable

If you want to step up one notch but keep your budget in mind the company Yocan makes some awesome dab pen kits within their Evolve series that are innovative, rip hard, and have a good quality feel. Many people instead of traditional vape pens now prefer a electric nectar collector which is a different take on the dab pen and Lookah makes some extremely innovative nectar collectors here with their seahorse models and unicorns. They have even incorporated water filtration options.

So if you are shopping for a turnkey dab pen kit you can still get an awesome well performing, quality wax pen, for under $100.