How to Pick the Perfect Vape Pen Battery for you

Pick the best vape pen 510 thread batterySelect the best 510 thread battery for you

A vape pen battery is a vaper / cannabis users’ best friend, a tool, a daily driver, a companion, and work horse all in one. So, picking the right one for you is not a light decision to make if 510 thread prefilled cartridges are a part of your lifestyle. There are several options out there from the major brands that make vape batteries for prefilled carts.

Vape brands that dominate the market are Yocan, OOZE, toke buddy, HoneyStick, BBuzz'n Atmos RX and Exxus, and maybe just a few more. Honestly, any one of these guys make quality batteries and solid units being used every day by hard core vapers. Let’s take brand name out of it for a second and how can you pick the best battery for you based on specs and features alone? Reading this little tutorial will help educate you to make the best 510 thread battery purchasing decision for your lifestyle. As you look at the specs on the various batteries out there you are more educated.

510 Thread Battery Examples

The biggest decision you must make that separates vape pen batteries are whether you want a push button battery or an auto draw (buttonless battery). This splits the market in 2 it is basically like when buying a car if you want an automatic or a stick shift, it will clearly eliminate cars from that feature and it is strictly based on preference. Don’t know what to choose? it’s cool, we got you covered.

Effortless Buttonless Vape Battery

Auto Draw 510 battery (buttonless) - this is a battery that has no button, it uses the power of your inhalation to signal the battery to turn on. The stronger or harder you inhale the more intense of vapor you get while you inhale. This sensation is closer to smoking something rolled as you get a positive resistance on your pull or draw. For people coming into vaping from traditional smoking this might be a better more familiar option as it for the deep lung hit audience. However, some of the power is lost in the inhale activation system so even though the sensation is better the actual amount of vapor pulled out is usually less than a comparable push button.

Vape pen battery with button and buttonlessPowerful Vape Pen Battery With Button

Push Button Battery - Push button batteries use a button to turn the battery on and usually has adjustable intensity levels to direct the intensity, heat or amount of vapor coming out of the unit. Your inhale is strictly being used to pull vapor out of the cartridge and not to activate the battery. Button operated vapes have much less resistance on the pull, and you can much easier draw out vapor. The battery stays on vaporizing for the time that you hold the button down and turns off when you let go of the fire button.

Once you have picked on of those let’s look at some important features / specs and what they mean to you the consumer.

Main 510 Vape Battery Features

Variable Voltage in 510 thread battery

Variable Voltage in 510 thread battery

- Variable voltage means that you can adjust the intensity level or heat of the vape. You can turn up or turn down the intensity or the amount of vapor you will inhale. You can declare how hot the atomizer or heater will be. Dabbers who want a hard throat / lung hit will want this option on their dab pen battery. The intensity level will greatly affect how satisfied they are with the oil or dab pen battery. Also, some cartridges taste much better when run at a low setting, so this is a very important feature. Concentrate enthusiasts will look for more powerful settings for dab pen battery since many powerful wax atomizers require more energy to deliver strong hits.

Many pens will have 3 to 4 voltage settings. More sophisticated pens will have a twist knob or even a digital adjuster so you can really dial in to how much power you want. The greater the voltage range the more options you have. This functionality is nicely explained in this video by HoneyStick.

510 vape battery mAh capacity

510 Vape Pen Battery Capacity

MAH / Battery capacity - A lot of batteries use this spec called mAh and don't explain what it means. MAH means MilliAmp Hour or the capacity of your battery. The higher that number is the longer your battery can operate in between charges. More mAh energy, steadier it is and more consistent it is putting out power over a period. It usually means the actual internal battery is larger and more stable. The higher this number is the higher your battery capacity is. If you are on the go and can’t be by a charger this is an important feature.

Pass thru / Micro USB charge

A pass-thru batteries use a micro USB port to gain a charge. It is an added feature, so why is this a useful spec to the vaper. Majority of the 510 batteries out there use a threaded USB charger to charge the battery. If you are one of those who loses small objects than you are going to really hate not having a micro USB charging port on your battery. This is definitely a feature you want.

510 thread USB charger vs pass-thru micro USB charging

Preheat Functionality

Many vape pen batteries come listed with an added feature of preheat functionality, is this important for you? For dabbers, if your cartridges gunk up and solidify from thick oils or dabs in there you want preheat functionality. If you live in cold climates use it to initially 'break' your solid concentrate into oil. When you activate a preheat function battery send a low voltage current through the cartridge. It will slowly melt down the solid or thick oil. This will save you from taking a dry hit (nasty burnt taste on your tongue and pallet you don't want). Some types of vape pen battery have a dual stage heating where it will also heat the outside of the cartridge chamber. If thick concentrates are in your wheelhouse look for a dab pen battery with preheat functionality.

Vape pen battery preheat functionSize and Shape of your Vape Pen

When it comes to your lifestyle size does matter. You want a battery with external dimensions to fit comfortably into your pocket and bag. In the vaping industry you are in luck as the options are endless.

Does it looks good?

Lastly don't buy a battery you don't like. The look of as you must use it every day and it should be pleasing for your eyes.

I hope that now that you understand the characteristics and differences between vapes, you will be more equipped to purchase the best 510 thread battery for your needs.