How to use a 510 Battery Pen?

How 510 Battery Pen Works?

Here is a cheat sheet on 510 battery pen usage, functions and types. Vape pens gaining more and more popularity among medicinal canna oil users. One of the most common ways people get into using concentrates or medical cannabis is through buying prefilled vape cartridges from their local dispensary.

510 Battery Pen and Vape Cartridges

To get these cartridges to vaporize they must be paired with a 510 battery pen to power them up and convert the concentrates from an oil to a vapor which the end user inhales. Many of these batteries are what are called vape pen battery, which means they are shaped like a pen / writing instrument. Before you can operate one you have to ask yourself very quickly whether it is a push button or an auto draw battery.

In either case you have to:

1. Charge the Battery before use. Most Batteries 2 hours will constitute a full charge. ** most vape pen batteries have a USB screw in charger, however some have a micro-USB slot to allow for charging**

2. Screw the battery and cartridge together, make sure not to over tighten the threads as you can strip it or damage the battery connector spring pins.

AUTO DRAW or Buttonless 510 Thread Battery

If it is an auto draw (button less) battery, in most cases you can just inhale, and the unit should work. Some buttonless batteries actually have a clicker on the stylus which sometimes needs to be unlocked by clicking it 5 times rapidly consecutively before the battery will allow you to operate it.

Buttonless Vape Pen Battery

For Variable voltage buttonless vape batteries make sure that the unit is unlocked (above step) and you can dial in your voltage / power preference by clicking the Stylus tip 3 times rapidly when it is on. Once you click it 3 times you can cycle through the different intensity settings until you fund the optimal one.

For Preheat Click the stylus tip 2 times rapidly when the unit is turned on this will initiate preheat mode and if you push on the stylus during preheat it will exit the function.

Vape Pen Batteries With Button

If you have a button operating 510 thread battery the use is relatively simple whether it is a twist battery, variable voltage or pass thru vape pen battery.

Vape Pen Battery With Button

Once the battery is charged and you screw the cartridge on all units have the same locking, preheat, and use functions.

1. To unlock your pen you simply click the button 5 times rapidly consecutively till the led on the button blinks up. this same command is used to lock the unit when you are done vaping.

2. To Vape you simply push and hold the button down throughout the duration of your inhale while the unit is unlocked.

Preheat Mode in 510 Battery Pen

3. To Activate preheat function, when the unit is unlocked press the power button 2 times rapidly consecutively, this will enter preheat function and if you push the button at any time during preheat it will exit the preheat mode.

4. Not every vape pen battery with button has variable voltage. However, vape pens that do have different power settings can be accessed in one of 2 ways. If it has a twist dial at the foot of the battery this can be turned to adjust the power and intensity level up or down to the desired level. if it does not have a twist dial you can push the button (when unlocked) 3 times consecutively rapidly to cycle through the different power settings in the battery.

Variable Voltage in 510 Battery Pen

If you complete the above it should teach you most of what you need to know about operating and using your 510 vape battery, for detailed information and specs about your specific battery it is always recommended to read information from the specific manufacturer.