Can you use a Box Mod Vape with a 510 vape cartridge?

How to use a box mod with a 510 cartridge

How do you use a box mod with a 510-thread cartridge?

So many people don't like the idea of small 510 thread slim batteries they want the features, power, and functionality of their box mod. Not only that but most box mods can run a few weeks on a single charge at low power, and they look so cool. But can you use any of these vape box mod with a small prefilled 510 thread cannabis vape cartridge and will it work, or will it mess up the cartridge or even worse burn it out?

Tutorial on 510 vape cartridge usage with Mods

Tutorial on 510 vape cartridge usage with Mods This little tutorial will tell you exactly how to use a box mod vape with a 510 thread vape cartridge. First off let’s answer a few common questions regarding box mods and prefill cartridge use to put some common rumors to rest?

Can I use my temperature sensing or temperature control settings on a 510 thread prefilled cartridge?

It will not be accurate. Most Temperature control functions will work with Titanium, Nickel, or Stainless-Steel coils. Now although these are common in vape tanks for e liquid prefilled cannabis and CBD cartridges mainly use ceramic or kenthol heaters, so using that functionality will not be accurate.

Will the added power bring more intensity?

It will but only to the point that the cartridge can take it, if you overpower a prefilled cartridge, it will burn out and you will waste what is inside of it.

How do you get the vape box mod to work with 510 cartridge?

Ego 510 adapter. First off you need to purchase an ego adapter like the one below as not all prefilled cartridges connector pins will line up with that of a mod battery. It is a very inexpensive part and will make sure that you are getting a solid electrical connection from your mod to your Vape Cartridge.

Ego 510 thread connector

Power settings in mod batteries. Next you need to make sure your box mod is in wattage mode and not voltage mode or any of the other settings as they are not accurate with prefilled carts, and you can run the risk of burning it out.

vape box mod with 510 thread cartridge

Once in wattage mod make sure to turn it down, to be safe run these cartridges between 5 and 7 watts anything above 7 watts you must do with caution as many of the dispensary grade prefilled carts can burn out above that. But at 7 or so watts and the ego adapter you should have an amazing combination and use your box mod to vape prefilled cartridges successfully.