Vape Pen Blinking: What Does Each Flash Indicate?


The illuminating LED light on your vape pen serves as a window to its inner workings. If something's amiss, this LED light might switch hues, flicker, or give intermittent flashes. It's crucial to note that every vape pen is distinct, and comprehending the significance of these light cues for your specific model is essential. Often, the flashing can signify straightforward issues like a depleted battery, connectivity issues, or incorrect setup. However, there are times when your vape pen might flash without an apparent cause, leaving users bewildered. Dive deeper with VapeBatt to understand these signals.
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Why does my vape pen flash when I attempt to activate it?

Why does my vape pen emit 3 flashes?

When your vape pen gives out three flashes, it often indicates an issue with the battery's connection to the heating element. Additionally, a short circuit within the tank could trigger this. If the pen still emits three flashes even without the tank, it's likely a battery concern. A flickering LED in the presence of the tank might hint at a connectivity lapse.

Reasons for 4 flashes from my vape pen?

Four flashes or more from your pen can be due to an atomizer resistance below 0.1 ohms or exceeding 2.5 ohms. This safety mechanism in the battery addresses issues with unsuitable or malfunctioning vape cartridges. Switch to another cartridge of the same brand and check for improvements.

What's behind the 5-time blinking of my vape pen?

Most often, a series of five blinks from your vape pen post-inhalation signifies a drained battery. Charging your battery should rectify this. Note that the LED might still flicker during the initial charging phase.

My vape pen blinks 10 times: What does it mean?

A 10-time blink can arise from various issues. A common cause is a near-depleted battery requiring a recharge. If the blinking persists despite a charged battery, it might be attributed to low voltage resulting from dirt accumulation or misalignment. Adjusting these factors can restore the pen's functionality.

What do solid LED lights signify on a vape pen?

When activated, a vape pen can display varying light colors based on its voltage settings. To toggle between these settings, a double-click on the button is required. If you're unfamiliar with vape pens and curious about the significance of these colors, their meanings can differ across devices:

Red Blinking on Vape Pen

Different situations cause some devices to flash red, each indicating a unique scenario. A red flash during vaping usually signals a battery power drop (below 30%) and a need for recharging. Conversely, red or any other color flash during charging typically denotes the ongoing charging process.

Blue Flashing of Vape Pen

A blue flash while vaping often suggests a medium battery level (around 30%). Seize this moment to connect your vape pen to a reliable charger to avoid total battery drainage. Frequently allowing lithium-ion batteries to deplete entirely can shorten their lifespan. Ideally, initiate charging before complete battery drain to maximize its longevity.

Green Light on Vape Pen

A green blink during vaping typically implies a high battery charge (around 70% or more). When the pen shows a green light during charging, it indicates a full charge. Unless your vape pen incorporates an overcharge protection feature, like most of VapeBatts Vape offerings, avoid leaving the battery on the charger post full charge. This can impair the vape pen and diminish the battery's charging efficiency.

Why isn't my vape pen hitting?

There might be instances where your vape pen is fully charged, loaded with adequate cannabis content, and showing no blinking indicators, yet it fails to produce vapor. Such situations can arise due to several reasons, the most prevalent being:

Battery Not On

Occasionally, despite having a charged battery, it needs to be turned on to deliver the desired hit. Depending on your vape device, activating it might require pressing the firing button five(5) times consecutively. Once on, observe the indicator lights. A green light suggests a full battery, while red or orange lights might indicate the need for recharging or battery replacement.

Depressed Firing Pin

The firing pin, designed for mobility to establish a connection with the atomizer, ensures a steady electrical flow to the coils. Over time and with extensive use, this pin might recess too deeply into its connector, preventing a proper connection. This can be a reason for the absence of a hit even when all else appears functional.

Over-saturated or flooded Coil and Atomizer

If your tank brims with liquid but fails to produce adequate vapor, the culprit might be an inundated atomizer or coil. Address this by disassembling the atomizer and wiping it with a paper towel. Another approach is to blow through the atomizer to expel any surplus liquid. While examining, also check the firing pin and connector for any liquid spillage. If any is found, a swift cleanup with a paper towel or cotton swab can help ensure a consistent connection.

How should you charge a vape pen battery effectively?

For optimal charging results, ensure the batteries are charged within a temperature range of 50-86 degrees F. It's not unusual for the battery or the device itself to become warm during the charging process. If this occurs, unplug the device momentarily, wait a few minutes, and then reconnect. If it continues to overheat, there might be an issue with either the battery or the charger. Investigate to identify the root cause. Always monitor the device and disconnect it from the charger once the green indicator light is visible.


Pay attention to any flashing indicators.

At times, your vape device may flash a few times, go dark, yet continue to operate as usual. In other situations, the device might flash but still function correctly. Regardless of its operational status, never disregard these flashes; they might be signaling a more significant internal concern. Act promptly, determine the cause of the flashing, and address it before it escalates.


To sum it up, There are numerous reasons a vape pen might flash, showcase varied LED hues, or malfunction. If the provided solutions don't clarify or rectify your device's behavior, we suggest contacting the vape pen's manufacturer directly. If that's not an option, you're welcome to detail your issue in the comments section below or approach our dedicated support team for assistance.