Vaping tips & Secrets Great for beginners

6 Vaping tips & Secrets that are Great for beginners

6 Basic Vaping Tips & Secrets that are Great for Beginners

When you are starting off vaping for the first time, it might be a little overwhelming to find the right vaporizer or to even select a first vape battery. There are so many devices and features that without having previous knowledge can leave you confused and perplexed. So, our team of vapers put together 9 Basic vape tips that are going to help you make a decision and save you some headaches as well as money.

#1 510 thread Battery what features to look for

There are so many features on 510 thread batteries that as a beginner you want to make sure you cover the most important ones but do not want to overpay for the unnecessary bells and whistles. So in this first section we will discuss what features when selecting a 510 thread battery are absolutely essential for you when selecting your first battery.

510 Vape Pen

- Vape Battery Capacity

First of all it is capacity which is measured in mAh, make sure to select a battery that is over or at least 350 mAh this will make sure you are not always charging up your battery and it delivers good consistent power throughout the day.

- Adjustable Output Power / Voltage/Wattage

Make sure your 510 thread battery has adjustable voltage. Whenever you buy a cartridge, it is important to be able to change the voltage to optimize the taste / intensity of the cartridge to optimize your vaping experience. Make sure to at least have 3 voltage settings on your 510 thread battery.

- Battery Overcharge Protection

Overcharge protection, make sure your 510 thread battery has overcharge protection which will ensure your batteries will not get hurt if you leave them on the charger. Most pens have this but it is something that will preserve the life of your battery.

#2 Vape cartridges and cartridge battery to pair

If you are buying a cartridge battery for it to be compatible with a certain cartridge, tank, or wax atomizer it is very critical that you confirm their compatibility before you make a purchase. there is a few things that you need to check on your battery or your atomizers to make sure you don't fall into a beginners mistake.

- Battery vs Atomizer Resistance

First of all, check the resistance of the battery and compare it to the cartridge and make sure the ranges line up properly. If the resistance does not line up that the atomizer will not fire. Make sure that if you are looking to buy an auto draw battery that your cartridge has an appropriate airhole in it so that the sensors can activate, and the cartridge can vape.

510 Thread Cartridge Battery

- Vape Battery Power Settings

Power, make sure the vape battery you are buying has enough power to fire up your atomizer. some tanks and wax atomizers need a certain minimum voltage or wattage so they can do their job, if that battery you get doesn't have enough power in its output, then you would be out of luck. it is essential that these metrics line up and compatibility is at the forefront of your decision making as a beginner within vaping.

#3 Vape Mods vs Mini Vape

One choice many people have to make is if they want a small vape or a vape mod and there is several talking points to help you decide. In this case size does matter, and vape mods as significantly bigger, pack more punch, has more features and lots of cool digital options. However, you might not need all of that if you only vape cartridges that don't require much output, size or capacity and it just might be more to carry around. In short, a mod will have very cool features, more power and capacity, but be larger and heavier in size.

Small vapes may only have a few power options a fraction of the capacity and simpler features but will be much smaller, concealable, and lighter to carry.

Full size vape mod vs mini vapes

#4 Vaping Oil, how do vape pens work?

One of the most common questions vapers have is if can they vape oil. By oil we do not mean e-juice or e-liquid or anything that has to do with nicotine. We are talking about vape pens for CBD oils, Hemp Oils, Cannabis Oils, Delta 8 / 10 oils and several other extracts that are non-nicotine related. The answer is YES! people have been vaping oils for medical, therapeutic, or recreational purposes for years.

But how does that factor into your vape purchasing decisions? You need a special vape tank to properly vaporize vape oils and sometimes even a special vape pen battery for those tanks. You will have to make sure that the tank will not leak and is at the right power band and heater composition to vape thicker oils that are not PG or VG based. There is several informative videos on the internet on selecting the best oil tanks.

Vape pens for oil

#5 Vaping Wax, How much is a dab pen?

Now after oils the next most common thing to vape is concentrates known as wax or dabs. Dab pen is designed for concentrates that are no longer in liquid form. Dabs are the texture of like a candle wax or a solid or a paste. These require a special atomizer and pen to vaporize into a vapor to be inhaled. because these are specialty kits generally they are more expensive than standard e-juice or oil pens.

Wax pens come at a premium because they have to work overtime to properly and efficiently vaporize the wax or dab. But even though there is lots of wax pens out there for over $100 there are still some great budget hidden gems on the market that can perform without breaking your budget. The HoneyStick Nano Dabber for example is below $30.00 and a solid performer and the Yocan Evolve line of wax pens is a solid good selling budget wax pen line also. For this it is important to look at your budget and read some reviews and watch product testing son YouTube to make sure you get the proper wax pen and don't break your pocketbook while you are at it.

Dab pen for concentrate

#6 Pen 510 thread batteries. So many but they all look the same. What's the difference?

The most popular vape component is pen 510 thread battery. There is so many good brand vape pens with different price points but they all look the same and cost various amounts. What are the important features to look for so I get everything I need without breaking the bank.

The most important feature on a vape pen battery is that it have adjustable voltage so you can dial in your power. Many vape pens have either a 3 option setting and some have a twister knob that allows you to really dial in on your sweet spot. Make sure that voltage range is good so you have your lowest setting at 3.0 volts or less and your highest at 4.0 Volts or above. This will ensure that you will be able to fire a majority of the cartridges on that market with your pen.

Make sure that your vape pen has preheat functionality incase you have some carts that got clogged up or you live in very cold weather. There is also have stick batteries that are buttonless or auto-draw that are activated off of the power of your inhale. These can be interesting to many users as they emulate a natural pull / drag off of something that is tightly rolled. Take all of the above features into account when buying a stick battery and the right one will land for you!