Full Size Box Mod Vaporizers

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    Box Mod vapes have traditionally been thought of as big bulky power plants for vape oil or eJuice or any other type of nicotine liquid and blowing out obnoxious sized dragon clouds. While they can still do all that, these mod power plants have evolved.

    Box Mods For Any Cartridge

    Not only their size and shape, but also functionality. You can use them now to power all of your Oil Tanks, Wax Cartridges and Full Size Tanks, or Dry herb atomizers. Boxed mod vaporizers now come in all shapes and sizes from large to slim to micro sized and are usually digitally adjustable and put out far superior power and capacity than many standard vape batteries. Having these extra specs you can customize your vape experience and tailor your aesthetic preferences of your vaping device. With this you receive a truly superior vaping experience whether it is Eliquid or wax, oils or dry herb you are vaporizing. Vape box mod come in handy because they allow you to use sub ohm atomizers which allow for greater intensity and greater flavor accentuation with each rip, and since they have more battery capacity your unit will spend more time working and less time charging.

    Vape Box Mod Kits

    Many vapers have also began using box mod vapes even for classic slim 510 cartridges. You can very reliably low wattage vape slim 510 cartridges with box mods (sometimes you may need an EGO 510 Adapter for EGO thread type cartridges). Most box mod units will come with the battery unit and built in batteries however some may require you to purchase 1 or 2 “18650” batteries. Many are sold as a vape box mod kit, and will come with an atomizer that you can use to begin vaping, literally right out of the box. Typical vape box mod kit will also include a charger and spare coil(s) and parts. Box Mods started off very focused but have evolved into very sophisticated vaping instruments that are used in more than just eLiquid and are the premiere power plants to use for atomizers while vaping.