Box Mods


      Concealable Box Mod Vape pens was developed for people who are always on the go, often out in public places, and who want to be discrete about their vaping.

      Vape Cartridge Battery MODs

      Box Mod vapes or simply Mods can be disguised as anything ranging from a car key fob to a garage door opener, or something as simple as a small box that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Concealable mini vape mod batteries are not obvious to the naked eye and do a fairly good job at hiding a prefilled cartridge within the concealer. A pen-style vape battery may take on an identical look and feel to a pen, but they don’t typically classify as a concealable mini vape battery because their size isn’t ideal for concealment and when you take it out to use it; it is obvious what you are doing to anyone within range of view.

      Vape Cartridge Concealing MODs

      Cartridge Concealing Vapes

      The vast majority of concealable mini vapes are push-button vaporizers. They represent an estimated eighty-five to ninety percent of the conceal vaporizer market; however, there are some concealable buttonless batteries in the market as well. For some concealable mini box mod vape you will screw in a prefilled or refillable 510 thread cartridge, but this is mostly for older model concealable vape batteries. Most of the new concealable vape battery models are made with a magnet that for lack of a better term “swallows” the cartridge into the concealer, holds it in place, and electricity is passed through the magnet in order to heat the cartridge.

      Stealth Design Vaporizers

      Stealth Box Mod Vape Kits

      Concealable box mod vape units are the new direction the industry took when it realized there is enormous demand to combine the need for batteries to be able to function with a much wider range of more and more popular prefilled CBD or THC oil carts and wax concentrate tanks. This type of vaping material tends to be oriented to the user who is looking for stealth. User sentiment was that even though pen-style vape batteries work great they are too easily recognizable and made some people uncomfortable. With such stealth in design and functionality, people are now able to enjoy vaping at venues such as concerts, amusement parks, or other public places where they previously could not without attracting any unwanted attention.

      Benefits of the mini vape

      There are some great benefits to using concealable mini vapes. The magnets currently used in box mod vape models allow for an extremely wide range of prefilled cartridges that can be used with them. If your concealer is an auto-draw vaporizer this will limit the cartridges you can use because you can only use cartridges that allow for auto-draw airflow. However, you can still use more cartridges than you would on a pen-style vape battery because the magnets used in concealable vape batteries give you a greater range of size options.

      iMini - Mini Vape MOD Benefits

      Concealable vape units usually have greater width in terms of diameter for prefilled cartridges to fit as well as unique design aspects for concealment, and because they are not confined by the cylindrical shape of pen-style vapes; they can generally hold bigger batteries that have greater capacity. Battery power as it relates to concealable vape batteries can be wide-ranging from anywhere as low as two hundred and eighty (280 mAh) to three hundred (300 mAh) milliamp-hours to as much as one thousand (1000 mAh) or eleven hundred (1100 mAh) milliamp hours.

      More space equals more power and it also equals more features. The features you can pack into a concealable vaporizer are wide-ranging and while you can find a few basic push button or auto-draw conceal batteries on the market; most will have additional features such as variable voltage, pre-heat, digital screens, power adjustments, temperature adjustments, battery life indicators, overheating safety features, squeeze action activators and more.

      Concealable box mod vape also tends to be more durable when it comes to their design and composition. They are usually made with better materials such as carbon fiber, plastic, resin, or other unique materials. Many concealers have shock absorption to protect from drop or fall. Some concealable mini vape manufacturers claim to drop safe or shockproof while a select few touts being water-resistant or waterproof. Because there are so many feature options for concealable vape batteries, vapers have the ability to dive into an area of personalization where even the most basic batteries can be wrapped with just about any image in the likeness of the vaporizer owner.

      Best 510 thread battery for cartridges disguised as a Key Fob

      What makes the best 510 thread battery for cartridges?

      Outside of function, personalization, capacity, and performance, the current major key trend in concealers is vape cart acceptance, especially with prefilled vape cartridges coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. The slimmest carts (prefilled or empty/refillable) on the market use the standard 510 thread connector – that part will always work. However, the difference in cart’s tank diameter, even 1mm difference, could make-or-break its usage. The best 510 thread battery for cartridges would have a wide enough port to handle 12mm or wider vape tanks.

      Mini Box Mods with magnetic connector

      In concealers using a magnetic connector, the cartridge gets “swallowed” by the mini vape unit body. The width of the hole of a concealable vape chamber has become a very important focus on manufacturers. You need a hole wide enough to fit any cartridge but if it is too wide the cartridge can wiggle around inside the chamber creating poor connection, instability, and the potential to damage the cartridge, concealer, or both.

      Mini Vape With Magnetic Connector for Vape Cartridges

      An example of an industry darling in concealable vape batteries is the Honeystick Beekeeper 2.0. It is one of the best-selling concealable vape batteries on the market because of its simple, easy to use a design that has a twelve (12) millimeter cartridge hole. This allows the Beekeeper 2.0 to fit-in and conceal just about every cartridge on the market. It also has a proprietary magnet that fills out the entire diameter of the chamber to secure the cartridge in place. This means that no matter what size cartridge you put in the Honeystick Beekeeper 2.0 you are going to have a solid and stable connection. With the Beekeeper 2.0 pretty much the best 510 thread battery for cartridges, you eliminate the single biggest worry of “If I buy this expensive prefilled oil cart at the dispensary, will it fit in and work with my vape battery?”.

      Best concealable box mods on the market

      Some of the best box mod vape manufacturers don’t just look at market trends or new innovations that they think the market may take a liking to. They look at the more popular oil and concentrate producers and extractors and they look at what the doctors are prescribing to their patients. Then they turn around and develop products that work best with those producers and their respective cartridges. Some of what we try to do at Vape Batt is aligning vapers with these types of concealable mini vape units that are best used with the products being developed by the leading oils, concentrates, cartridges, and other relevant product providers. We sometimes joke about the technology of concealable box mod vape products advancing as quickly as it is that we will soon be able to talk to our concealers in the same covert way Tony Stark talks to Jarvis or in more realistic terms Alexa, Google, or Siri will soon be able to heat your vape to your desired temperature on command. All jokes aside, concealable vapes are all the rage and the most popular and fastest-growing market segment.