Buttonless Vape Pen Battery

    Auto draw or buttonless vape pen batteries do not run on push-button operation but are buttonless and turn on when you inhale automatically.

    510 Thread Battery with Buttonless Functionality

    Auto-draw or buttonless batteries were the first style of 510 thread battery to hit the market in 2010 and has developed a cult-like following ever since. Many vape companies started making more advanced buttonless vape pens such as slim 510 batteries disguised as cigarettes, auto draw mini-box concealers, and even variable voltage auto draw vape batteries. The way that a buttonless vape pen battery works is as simple as it gets. You simply affix the vape cartridge to the battery (make sure it is charged) and simply inhale to operate your vape. Once you stop inhaling the unit turns off.

    How buttonless battery works

    When you start inhaling the air pressure travels through the cartridge and triggers an airflow sensor to turn the battery on which will vaporize the contents of the cartridge. Auto-draw pen-style vape is very popular among vapers because they don’t have or need a button to operate and are very simple to use.

    There is no locking or unlocking the unit, just simply inhale. Some medical conditions that require a medicinal oil vaporizer, make it hard for people to push and hold small buttons so an auto-draw vape pen battery helps eliminate that if one’s hands are compromised. Another benefit of buttonless vapes is that when you pull or draw on them the resistance of your pull allows the actual sensation of vaping to feel closest to actual smoking. When picking out a buttonless vape pen battery make sure to buy vape cartridges that have a bottom air hole to trigger the sensor for proper activation.