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    Expertise in Removing Oil from Vape Cartridges

    CartDub sets the gold standard for efficient and effective oil reclamation. No more wasting precious oils; with CartDub's advanced system, retrieve every drop from cartridges. Ensure your cartridges are preheated properly, making them more receptive to oil and setting the stage for easy refills.


    The Definitive Answer to Oil Reclamation Challenges

    CartDub streamlines the oil recovery process. Just place pre-filled carts upside down, bake, and witness efficient oil recovery. For vapers seeking a seamless solution for oil reclamation from vape cartridges, CartDub stands unparalleled.


    Unlocking Locked 510 Thread Prefilled Vape Cartridges

    Struggling with how to open those locked 510 thread prefilled vape cartridges? CartDub's range simplifies the process. Whether it's the CARTDUB PLUS, LITE, CART POPPER PLUS, PRO, or CART POPPER LITE, each kit is designed to grant easy access to 510 thread carts, ensuring a fuss-free experience.

    cartdub opening locked 510 thread cartridge

    Experience CartDub's Excellence on

    Explore the unmatched prowess of CartDub products on Designed for vapers by vapers, each product promises efficiency, reliability, and ultimate satisfaction. Embrace the future of cartridge management with CartDub.

    Cartdub FAQ

    CartDub offers a streamlined process for removing oil from vape cartridges. Simply use the CartDub system to place pre-filled cartridges upside down, bake at the specified temperature, and watch as every last drop is reclaimed. It's designed to be efficient and user-friendly, ensuring you get the most out of your cartridges.
    Oil reclamation is CartDub's forte. Their advanced technology and user-friendly kits like the CARTDUB PLUS and CARTDUB LITE are tailor-made to assist vapers in efficient oil reclamation from vape cartridges. With CartDub, you no longer have to worry about wasted or trapped oil.
    CartDub's range, especially the CARTDUB CART POPPER PLUS and CARTDUB CART POPPER LITE, are designed to easily open locked 510 thread prefilled vape cartridges. Their intuitive design ensures that even locked cartridges are accessible without causing any damage.
    For those new to cartridge management, the CARTDUB LITE is a great starting point. It provides a simple yet effective system for concentrate extraction and recovery, ensuring that you can remove oil from vape cartridges with ease and efficiency.
    While CartDub products are optimized for 510 thread cartridges, they are especially effective with locked 510 thread prefilled vape cartridges. Always refer to the product specifications on to ensure compatibility with your specific cartridge type.