Shop our wide array of Lookah vaporizers to find the 510 thread vape cart battery, dab pen, wax pen, nectar collector, or e-rig that's right for you.


    Welcome to the wild world of Lookah vaporizers

    Established as a glass brand in 2009, Lookah is quickly becoming one of the most popular vape brands in the industry.  It’s a vape jungle and Lookah is capitalizing on this with unique marketing and product design that connect people to their 510 thread vape cart batteries, dab pens, and wax pens by incorporating features that represent their animalistic names.  Devices like the Lookah Seahorse Pro, Lookah Bear, or Lookah Dragon Egg are a few of their wildly popular vaporizers.  They make quality products and back them with a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

    Lookah 510 thread vape cart battery devices

    Lookah is known for their wax pens, dab pens, and nectar collectors.  However, they do manufacture a handful of cart batteries that are popular.  Their 51o thread cart batteries are eye-catching and have all of the popular features you would expect from a major brand.


    Lookah dab pens and wax vaporizers

    Whether it is a dab pen, wax pen, dab e-rig, or nectar collector; Lookah devices are some of the most popular in the market.  When you combine their unique animal-like designs with the high-power, high-quality Lookah is known for; you get a feature-packed vaping experience.  They have devices of all shapes and sizes that offer a well-balanced blend of convenience and performance.

    Indulge in the Power of Lookah's Dab Rigs

    For those who prefer at-home sessions, Lookah's dab rigs are second-to-none. These sophisticated devices offer a powerful and immersive dabbing experience. Engineered for maximum flavor and potency; Lookah dab rigs are equipped with superior water filtration systems and advanced heating technologies.

    Lookah Focuses on Quality and Performance

    Lookah's dedication to innovation and a quality vaping experience is evident throughout their entire product line. They have continuously improved their heating technology, functionality, and features.  While they strive to keep their finger on the pulse of the market; the design direction is one that gives people an opportunity to connect to their inner animal.  Most of their new products have design elements that represent animals that most people enjoy.  Interestingly, as you collect these devices you almost find yourself creating a vape zoo of sorts.

    Lookah FAQ

    Authentic Lookah products have a silver sticker on the outside of the package. If you scratch the silver it will reveal a 16-digit code. That code can be entered into the product verification on Lookah's website to confirm the device you purchased is an authentic Lookah product.
    Every Lookah device comes with its own set of instructions. Lookah also has a relatively thorough troubleshooting section for each device on their website.
    There may be specific cleaning instructions that accompany your Lookah. We always recommend following any specific directions provided with a device. If there are no specific instructions, we default to our normal cleaning recommendation which is using a q-tip and Isopropyl alcohol to remove residue and allowing it to dry.
    Devices can blink for a variety of reasons. If your Lookah is blinking you should refer to the instruction manual for troubleshooting. If that does not resolve it you should look to the Lookah website and you could always search the web in places like YouTube for explantory videos.