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Delve into our compact selection of small vapes, offering superior convenience, portability, and performance without compromising on your vaping experience.

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    As we at Vape Batt worked continues to grow and expand, we are in a society where it is even more prevalent that size does. However contrary to popular belief it is not trending toward larger, at least not in vapes. The most popular and growing category in vaporizers is mini vaporizers otherwise known as small vapes.

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    Small Vapes are gaining popularity every day. It is basically how much, power, convenience, quality, and features can you pack into a small vaporizer that can be hidden and is compact. 5 years prior people would show off these huge vape batteries that could not fit into cargo pant pockets but now it is a race to see how good of a vape can you fit into the third pocket of your jeans. Or also how well can your hand cover and hide your vape unit. This trend has ventured not just into cannabis concentrates vapes but also into e-liquid or e juice mods with small vape mods which is taking a high-power vape battery pairing it with a small powerful sub ohm tank for lots of power. A company called Vaporesso when they launched the Target mini vape. It was a revolutionary small mod which is still a top pick among other small vapes today.

    Small Vapes

    What is a Mini Vape

    A mini vape is generally a stick battery that is very small that can attach a cartridge to it. The question is how small and yet how powerful the stick 510 thread battery can be to give you the perfect combination of minimalistic size and maximized performance. HoneyStick really knocked it out of the park with their Elf small vape mods making an ultra-small mini battery that packs a serious punch.

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    New mini vape category in dab pens is vape mod concealer. It is a small mod that is specifically designed for 510 thread cartridges and meant to conceal or hide them from plain view in a chamber within the battery body. Making small and thin units like the concealer made by Palm or the HoneyStick Beebox show exactly how small a little concealer can be. Providing power, discreetness and convenience is the new area for small vapes and these micro models are becoming more and more popular as demands placed on smaller sizes become more urgent.

    Small Vapes FAQ

    Small vapes are compact, portable vaping devices that offer the same functionality as larger models but in a more discreet and travel-friendly form factor.
    When choosing a small vape, consider its battery life, the type of substances it can vaporize (e.g., e-liquid, dry herb, wax), ease of use, and the device's overall quality and durability.
    While small vapes might not have the same battery life or power as larger models, many offer a similar performance in terms of vapor quality and flavor, making them a great choice for on-the-go vaping.
    Maintenance for small vapes typically involves regular cleaning of the device, proper charging of the battery, and timely replacement of coils or cartridges for optimal performance.
    Yes, small vapes are often a great choice for beginners due to their simplicity, portability, and affordability, allowing new users to try out vaping without a significant initial investment.