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    What is a vape pen?

    A vape pen is a vapor device that historically consisted of a 510 thread battery and or a vapor tank/cartridge. The Term vape pen came into practice because when the vape battery and vape tank are combined it takes the shape of an actual pen or writing instrument. However, technically the term vape pen refers to only the battery portion of the vape and specifically one that is cylindrically shaped.

    Vape Pen Types - Buttonless and Button Operated

    Over time the definition or modern use slang has been to refer to any vaporizer that vaporizes cannabis regardless of the shape of the vaporizer and whether it vaporizes oil, wax, or dry herbs. For this website, a vape pen will be in the traditional context of a 510 thread cylindrical-shaped battery that is meant to vaporize a 510 thread slim oil cartridge or wax adapter. These vape pens though slim and sleek come with big power and lots of cool features such as preheat, pass-thru charging, variable voltage/power, battery life indicator, and overcharge protection meaning you can get out of a vape pen similar big-box features you could only historically find in mod batteries or more sophisticated/robust vape batteries. In many cases and price to benefit ratio, a good vape pen is all you need to get the job done and have a pleasurable vape experience, just find one with the features you need.

    Vape Pen Starter Kit vs Pen Battery

    Vape pen starter kit

    The starter kit is a setup that is turnkey out of the box ready to vape just add your oil and vaporize. Most vape pen starter kits come with a few essential components so that you can get started easily and efficiently. It is a great alternative or beginner’s set up for those who like to purchase their oil in tinctures/syringes as opposed to going the prefilled cartridge route because it has everything to get started and people can generally save money by purchasing the bundled kit as opposed to having it prefilled and buy the components separately.

    Vape Starter Kit Contains

    These kits will usually come with a vape battery as your power plant, a cartridge to fill or wax adapter to fill, a charger to recharge your battery, and any dab tool or plug you might need to fill or seal your cartridge. Some pen battery units, it should be noted, will have a 510 thread screw-in USB charger, and some units will have a Micro USB plug-in battery port that can work with blackberry, Amazon Kindle, and android cables/wall adapters.

    Vape Pen Starter Kit vs Vape Battery

    Vape pen battery

    is generally what people refer to as the power plant or the heart of the unit known as the vaporizer. It is the source that provides the electricity for vaporization to occur within the cartridge. These batteries are made so you can attach a cartridge so they usually have a female 510 thread screw-in port to receive your cartridges or various atomizers. Usually, these vape pen batteries will be made with a rechargeable cell lithium-ion cell that can range in capacity from 280mah to 1100mah and still be the shape of a pen. 510 thread battery can usually operate in the voltage range of 2.8Volts all the way up to 4.6 Volts rather efficiently. These batteries have several sophisticated features preheat, pass-thru charging, variable voltage/power, battery life indicator, and overcharge protection. These batteries come in several fits and finishes as well as a diverse array of colors ranging from plain to exotic. Vape batteries usually come with just the battery and the charger and are a great option for people who buy prefilled cartridges. At VapeBatt, we offer some of the most durable and high quality 510 thread batteries. Each of these batteries works with a 510-thread cartridge of your choice, which makes them compatible with a majority of vaporizers that can work with various vape oils, concentrates, or even dry herbs.

    510 Thread Battery Elements

    How to use a vape pen?

    To fully answer the question ‘how to use a vape pen?’ we need to stretch this question a little. In fact, since the vape pen is made from two elements assembled, we need to cover the 3 following topics.
    1. How does the vape pen battery work and operates?
    Using a vape pen is rather simple and can be broken down into a few categories. First and foremost, people will be interested in getting started which would be a first-time use or for a novice vaper/beginner.
    2. How to maintain, refill or remove oil from prefilled cartridge

    Maintaining your vape pen. Now that your vaping you probably want to know how to maintain, refill, remove oil from the prefilled cartridge and clean your baby, so here are a few helpful tips for you. Get maximum life out of your battery. First off, you don’t want to charge too frequently, what is best for your battery is to let it run down all the way and give it a full charge, this will make sure you get the maximum life out of your battery and keep the power output it's most consistent. Avoid extreme temperatures. You also want to avoid extreme temperatures for your battery, avoid hot cars for extended amounts of time, or freezing cold, these devices were built to mainly be at room temperature, so DO NOT leave them in the sun or freezer.

    Keep it clean. Clean of residue when you see it appear, do not let residue build-up, especially at critical connection points. Frequently use isopropyl alcohol to clean reside off of your vape, residue build-up in these critical connection areas can destroy the life and performance of your vape so this is something to do frequently. How to refill a cartridge. Now that you are vaping and keeping it maintained you are going to need to refill which is simple. You can buy another prefilled tank at your local dispensary or CBD shop, or you can refill a tank you have. Many different tanks have different filling instructions and we recommend looking at the manufacturer specific instructions. However, most of them will involve removing the mouthpiece by screwing or pulling it off and filling the oil into the reservoir of the cartridge or tank. Sterilize the mouthpiece before reattaching and let the oil sit for 30 minutes and run the preheat or low voltage to prime the tank before using it.

    3. How to turn on a vape, operate, and assemble it.

    Charging your vape pen. Most importantly on an unboxing, you want to make sure your battery is properly charged. Usually, this is attained by connecting the vape battery to the supplied charger and getting it to an appropriate power source that is usually manufacturer recommended. We say to use any wall adapter that is not a rapid charger that is not a strip or bank and avoid using apple adapters. Let it sit for 1.5-2.5 Hours.

    Assembly. If you have a prefilled tank, then you will want to attach your tank to the battery by screwing it on all the way but do not overtighten. Get Ready to Vape. To get your vape pen turned ON most of the time you will have to unlock your battery by clicking the power button 5 times rapidly and when the lights blink it will indicate if the battery is on or off. Now you are ready to vape… push and hold that power button throughout the duration of your inhale and let it rip. Variable Voltage Settings. Before you start vaping if your battery has variable voltage or adjustable power features then set it to the desired power level. This can be attained with either a twist knob at the bottom of a battery (twist batteries) or by clicking the power button 3 times rapidly. Again, not all batteries have this feature.

    Vape battery and cartridge 510 thread - assembly

    How do vape pens work?

    It is as if caveman first made fire the way that vaporizers work and the results are equally rewarding, just instead of smoke as the byproduct you have a second-hand vape. Each vaporizer needs electricity to offer heat into a heating element that will hit temperatures between 300-500 Degrees Fahrenheit at its peak temperature which will heat oil, e juice, CBD, or cannabis to a point in between liquid / solid-state and combustion and create vapor that preserves several of the components that make medical cannabis so special.

    So two core components, you have a battery known as the power plant that supplies the electricity, then you have a cartridge that houses the oil that brings it into contact with the heating element. When you combine the battery and cartridge and turn it on, you power up the heating core, and vapor is to be made and inhaled from the chamber/reservoir through a mouthpiece.

    Top Vapor Brands

    VapeBatt carries only the best brands in the vape game such as BBuzz’n, HoneyStick, Elf, Phantom, Yocan, Exxus, OOZE, Atmos RX, Wulf, Pluto Imini, VaporX. Whether you’re new to vaping looking for something reliable, or if you’re a pro-vaper and want to enjoy the best of the vapor world, we definitely have a vape pen for you to consider.