Variable Voltage Cart Batteries

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    Variable voltage vape cart batteries could be considered one of the most common types of vape batteries in today’s market. Albeit, variable voltage is still a feature and while it is still a feature it is also the most common and arguably the most widely sought after feature among today’s pen style vape batteries, concealable vape batteries, and other high-end vape batteries.

    variable voltage 510 battery

    Variable voltage for 510 thread battery is the equivalent of power windows in today’s new car market; pretty much every car has power windows and the same goes for vaporizers. Almost every vaporizer on the market is powered by a 510 thread battery variable voltage. This is why it is reasonable to consider variable voltage as its own category as it pertains to types of vapor batteries.

    Vape Pen with Voltage Control

    The variable voltage feature allows the vaper to adjust the output power setting of their vapor batteries. While some vape batteries are simple and have only a single, straight-forward voltage power setting; the vast majority of the 510 thread batteries available in today’s market give the vaper the opportunity to adjust the power in order to work in better harmony with whatever prefilled 510 vape cartridges for the oil, concentrates, or other contents they are vaping.

    If you are one to follow progressions, many people start off using vapor batteries that have a single voltage power setting. This is usually the case because some people that are new to vaping are unaware that the 510 thread battery w/ variable voltage even exists or they do not yet fully understand the premise behind variable power vaping, how to use it correctly, or how it benefits them. However, in most cases, once the majority of people get the hang of vaping they tend to look for upgraded vaporizers and those vape batteries usually have variable voltage features. The most common variable voltage regulator settings are achieved by click-through, push-button, and twist.

    Variable Voltage Regulator Types

    Click-through variable voltage regulator types are most commonly found within pen-style vape batteries; although, there are a fair amount of concealable box mod vape units that also have the click-through voltage control. The vast majority of click-through variable voltage 510 batteries work by quickly and consistently pressing the power button three (3) times. They also tend to incorporate preheat into this functionality feature whereby the user has to quickly and consistently press the power button two (2) times. You can tell when most variable voltage settings have changed when the LED lights on or around the power button flash, change colors, or a combination of both.

    The push-button type variable voltage regulator is found in many concealable vape pens and is usually paired in conjunction with vaporizers that have a digital readout. So, if you have a vape battery with a digital readout it most likely also has variable voltage control and you will most likely adjust your power settings with push buttons. Push-button wattage/voltage work, in the same manner, the volume buttons on a TV remote control work. They are usually marked with a plus or a minus sign whereby the plus raises the voltage or wattage and the minus lowers it when pressed. Some go as far as being able to dial into the tenths of decimals. You will usually find the push-buttons close to the digital readout or placed conveniently so that you can change your box mod vape power setting and read your digital screen at the same time.

    The newest variable voltage regulator is a simple twist knob. You can find the twist knob voltage regulator on both pen-style 510 thread battery as well as concealable box mod vapes. Concealable vape batteries with this feature can have it with or without a digital readout. For the 510 thread stick battery, you will usually find the twist knob voltage regulator on the bottom of the battery. It will typically have markings on or around it to indicate what voltage you are setting it to when you twist the knob. Concealable box mod vape batteries can have the twist knob located anywhere on the unit, but usually, they place it so you can twist the knob and read the digital screen at the same time. Most often twisting to the left (counter-clockwise) will lower the voltage while twisting to the right (clockwise) will raise the voltage.

    Although it’s not the newest technological advances, there are some vape batteries that have the ability to analyze, identify, and change the voltage power settings to be optimally tuned with the type of 510 vape cartridge being used. Honeystick makes one of the most advanced variable voltage function features with their Honeystick AeroBee box mod vape for cartridges. This digital vape battery mod is made out of airplane grade aluminum, has a digital LCD screen, and can dial into wattage/temperature/voltage settings on a level never seen before. With the Honeystick AeroBee, you can find your sweet spot in one of three different ways. You can set it by volts, watts, or temperature (both Fahrenheit and Celsius). If you use the temperature power setting on the Honeystick AeroBee it will also tell you how many watts that translates to. If vaping satisfaction was a scale of sorts with taste on one end and intensity on the other; the Honeystick AeroBee is best equipped to help you find your sweet spot based on the prefilled 510 thread cartridge you are using and the oils, concentrates, or other materials you vape in a slim vape cartridge.