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    Dab Vape Cartridges and Atomizers

    Dab tank or wax pen cartridge will dictate the vaping experience, concentrate flavor intensity, and purity. READ MORE BELOW

    Wax cartridge - a critical component to a dab pen

    The other critical component to a wax/dab pen is the wax cartridge or the wax atomizer, which is the part that houses the wax and uses the battery power to heat and vaporize the wax. Now, this is a very important component of the wax pen as it will dictate the vaping experience. The Wax atomizer will determine how much wax you can hold, the flavor of the hit, the intensity of the hit, the type of drawl you get, the type of power you can input from your battery. From the taste you are left with to the cough that lingers the battery is only as good as the atomizer that is attached to it and flavor and power are determined by the atomizer.

    Best Dab Carts - What to look for

    • Bowl Size – Each atomizer has a bowl or a wax housing that you will load up to be heated and vaporized. The type of atomizer you choose will determine how much wax you can load up for one sesh. Generally, wax atomizers will range from being able to house 1/8th of a gram all the way up to 1 Full Gram and still be able to heat effectively and efficiently. If reloading is an important feature make sure you pick a wax atomizer with a decent-sized bowl.
    • Flavor – Do you vape wax or rip on a dab rig to feel the intricacies of a certain strain or want to taste the complex terpene profile of your favorite extract? Then you want to make sure the wax atomizer you select can help accentuate or at least not take away from your dab. Generally what dictates flavor is the use of heater materials to not impact or add in any foreign taste. Using materials like Ceramic and Quartz will make sure that your flavor is maximized or at least not impacted. Most modern Dab atomizers have an increased focus on creating good smooth flavor delivery with advanced heater materials like Silica Carbide and Titanium heating rods.
    • Intensity – Most dabbers want something that delivers a solid hit or even a monster rip, and selecting a dab atomizer will dictate how much power you can put through the system to control your hit. Generally, people chasing rips will gravitate towards full-sized wax pen battery and atomizers with double if not triple coils and want something that can take at least 20Watts of power input to vaporize. This will provide large intensity levels and lung filling hits.
    • Drawl / Pull – The Design of your atomizer will determine the type of pull you get, whether you will get hot bubbles (splatter) and it will be smooth or like trying to pull a drink through a straw bottomed out in a cup. A well-designed atomizer will allow for smooth pulls without allowing hot bubbles or splatter to enter the mouthpiece. Look for keywords on the designs to prevent that but maintain smooth effortless pulls.

    Wax Pen Cartridges FAQ

    Wax pen cartridges are pre-filled or refillable components that contain the heating element in wax pens, designed specifically for vaporizing cannabis or CBD concentrates.
    When choosing a wax pen cartridge, consider the type and quality of the coil or heating element, the type of concentrate you'll be using, and its compatibility with your device.
    To use a wax pen cartridge, simply screw or snap it onto your wax pen, activate the device (usually by pressing a button), and then inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.
    Maintenance usually involves regular cleaning of the cartridge, especially the connection points, to ensure good performance. Some cartridges are disposable and should be replaced after they're depleted.
    Not all cartridges are compatible with all devices. It's important to check the specifications of your wax pen to ensure the cartridge you choose will fit and work properly.