Yocan Brand is widely known among wax vapers for their amazing Yocan Evolve Plus series of top quality dab pens. For more portable vape enthusiasts there is Yocan Hive 2.0 vape kit. 2-in-1 portable vaporizer for Oil and Wax, with unmatched performance.



      Yocan Evolve Series

      Since the end of 2014, this line of wax pens has been available, and true to their name, they have developed along with technology to continue offering their users a high-quality vape every year. The purpose of this series is to offer a technique to vaporize wax and oil concentrates without unpleasant leaks or other problems that frequently occur in less expensive models. If wax and oil are not your thing, there is also the Evolve-D, a dry herb system that adheres to the same philosophy of sturdy, reliable vapes with high-quality chambers.