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    High-end vape pens are considered luxury items within the vape industry. They excel in several manufacturing categories and their price point is reflective of their superiority when compared to most vaporizers on the market. They usually average two (2) to three (3) times higher in price at retail than other vape batteries on the market. The most common categories you will see high-end vape pens excel in are appearance, feel, performance, capacity, and features. While you can still find a basic vape pen that will work well in one (1) or two (2) of these categories; premium vaporizers tend to perform at superior levels in all of these categories when compared to other vaporizers in the market.

    Luxury High End Vape Pens

    The levels to which these vaporizers perform allow the manufacturers of the vape batteries to justify their price point. You would compare a high-end vape pen, in the same manner, you would any other luxury product; for example, a Bic pen versus a Mont Blanc pen, a Toyota versus a Lexus, or a Seiko versus a Rolex. They are all quality products but one has a clear benefit over the other and the price point to match.

    When it comes to the appearance of luxury vape pens you will have batteries that are constructed with a mix of a wide variety of materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, plastics, or other unique raw materials. They may have digital screens, multi-color lighting systems, or other properties that make them eye-catching and stand out from all other vape batteries on the market. Along with appearance, you will have a noticeable difference in the in-hand feel of a high-end vape pen. They feel stronger and sturdier in your hand and are usually more durable than other vape pens.

    One current trend that appears to be increasing in popularity within the vape industry is an active lifestyle. Some refer to this trend as Sativa Life. The people in this growing market segment are looking to take their vaporizer into their preferred outdoor element and mixing in with their active lifestyle. These types of vape batteries typically have a rugged design that allows the end-user to vape in environments that are harsher than normal. This may be because of weather, sport, or simply for recreation.

    When you talk about the features associated with high-end vape pens it doesn’t only refer to the internal workings of a given vape pen battery; although, many vapes will have digital readouts, variable voltage, adjustable temperature settings, and more. Features now go beyond esthetics in the design. There are construction features where premium units are now being built to protect the vape battery and cartridge by withstanding a hard drop or jolt, they are capable of being in more inclement conditions, and some 510 thread battery manufacturers are proud to say that their units are water-resistant or even waterproof. Features are wide-ranging, ever-evolving, and will continue to add levels of sophistication that enhance the vape connoisseurs vaping experience as the nuance of vaping becomes more widely accepted.

    In order to power the features in a premium vape pen, you need a unit that has a battery with high capacity. High-end vape pens tend to have stronger and longer battery life so you charge them less and use them more. Greater capacity also means you are usually able to deliver more power to your vaporizer. More power to your unit means that when you vape you can achieve consistent optimal performance as necessary regardless of the cartridge being used or the contents in your cartridge.

    If you find yourself with an urge to invest in your vaping experience, a high-quality vaporizer is the best way to go. The vaping industry does not have enough historical data to confidently determine any given manufacturer as a dominant, well-established luxury brand; however, there is some data that shows some brands are starting to establish themselves. One such brand is Honeystick. Honeystick has a few high-end vape units for prefilled 510 thread cartridges. Their two (2) most popular vape units are the Honeystick Aerobee and the Honeystick Phantom Signature Series. Honeystick’s Aerobee has digital temperature control, is made out of airplane grade aluminum, and has eight hundred (800mah) milliamp hours. The Honeystick Phantom Signature Series feels amazing in-hand and consistently performs well. It is not a technological marvel but where it lacks in technology it makes up for in look, feel, and performance. For comparison's sake, it is the equivalent of a classic Mont Blanc pen.

    You will most often find that once the market realizes a particular vaporizer falls into this category (usually in hindsight) the supply versus demand ratio quickly skews to the demand side. Unfortunately, the vape market has not been around long enough to prove what can be collectible or an appreciating asset. However, some of these vaporizers are starting to take on characteristics comparable to the likes of an original Chanel Lamb Skin bag. The Chanel Lamb Skin bag has been around for decades and the design from decades ago looks identical to the design they produce for today’s market. The quality, feel, materials, build, and practicality of this bag are unchanged and are still relevant in and to today’s market. So, you now have some vape batteries that were built by hand many years ago in the Philippines and they are now long out of production and in the present-day market are recognized as highly collectible, quality vaporizers and they sell at three to four times full market value.

    When all is said and done, high-end top-shelf vape pens are steadily becoming a symbol of luxury. Users of these vape batteries will get a vaporizer that consistently delivers consistency. They work exceptionally well with a wide variety of cartridges, you charge them less, use them more, they look great, they feel great, produce bigger clouds, better taste, and as we are now starting to see; some of them are turning into collectors’ items.