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These compact devices give you all the power of a full size 510 thread battery in the palm of your hand.

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    Mini Vape Batteries for 510 Vape Carts

    Mini vape batteries are the same as 510 thread batteries or cart batteries but are relevant to their size.  These devices are typically easy to travel with and fit comfortably in your pocket.  They also generally fit in the palm of your hand and are at least mostly concealed when your hand is closed.  There is no exact science to the shape or size of what could be considered a mini vape, but the team at has done their best to identify the smaller and slimmer 510 thread cart batteries that fit comfortably in your hand with a reasonable level of concealment.  Most mini vape batteries fit both .5 and 1ml vape carts and some are capable of vaping wax.  If you are looking to take a vape with you when you go out and particularly if you are planning to use a vape in public; these are the type of 510 thread batteries you should consider when deciding what to purchase.

    The popularity of mini vape batteries has grown steadily.  More people want a small vape that fits their pocket and hand comfortably and conceals in their hand when they use it.  Vape brands have recognized the rise in demand for smaller cart batteries and there is now a wide array of mini 510 thread vape batteries available in the market.  Many now have the same and, in some cases, better features than full-size models.  The most common features in these devices are variable voltage, temperature control, USB-C charging, pre-heat, and battery capacity that is in-line with larger 510 thread vape batteries.

    You can always shop all our 510 thread vape batteries. This collection showcases our small, slim, and sleek mini vapes like the Rokin Rage that fit in the palm of your hand. 

    Mini Vape Batteries FAQ

    A mini vape is a 510-thread battery or cart battery that is categorized by size. They are also referred to as small vapes. Mini vape batteries typically fit comfortably in your pocket and are easy to take with you. While they are smaller in stature; there size, shape, and design characteristics can vary among brands and models. They can also have the same features and battery capacity as larger cart batteries.
    Size and shape profile are important aspects to purchasing a mini vape battery. Many of these cart batteries also vary in features that go beyond push-button or auto-draw. Battery capacity, variable voltage, and pre-heat are all options to consider with these mini 510 thread vape batteries.
    There are two ways to answer this question. If you are concerned about charging you need to look at the battery capacity. Mini vapes with higher battery capacity will last longer between charges. Higher capacity batteries usually have adjustable power settings as well. If your concern is the lifespan of a mini vape because you don’t want it to stop working, then you should look to purchase a mini cart battery from a brand that backs their products with a manufacturer warranty. This way you will be protected from device failure beyond’s policy as an ecommerce vape shop.
    Most mini vape batteries will fit both .5 and 1ml vape carts. However, this does not mean that every vape cart is compatible with every device. It is always good to perform due diligence to be sure you will not have compatibility issues between a vape cart and a cart battery.
    Mini vapes work the same as any other 510 thread battery or cart battery. The only difference is that they are being categorized by their size. You will still have the same push-button or auto-draw functionalities and they work with the same 510 vape carts.