510 Thread Battery

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      Vape Pen Battery with 510 Thread

      Shop for 510 Thread Battery in many shapes, colors, and functionality options. Auto-draw or vapor batteries with button activated preheat, variable voltage, all with industry-standard universal 510 Thread.

      What is 510 thread battery?

      VapeBatt carries all kinds of buttonless (auto-draw) or push-button pen-style vape pen batteries. The latest trend in pen battery is toward having more power, extra functionality like variable voltage or preheat functionality for thick oil prefilled cartridges or gaining popularity lately 510 wax atomizers (all products listed here are 510 vape batteries, treat compatible with most refillable or prefilled cartridges on the market) The push-button vape battery offer just that: more power deliver to vape cart, no resistance, variable voltage and preheat functionality in the most cases. Button activated 510 cartridge battery capacity is usually between 250 – 500 aAh meaning that you will not have to charge it too often (fully charge should last all day for average vaping)

      510 Thread Battery and Vape Pen Elements

      Buttonless vape pen battery

      On the other hand, we have an auto-draw or buttonless vape battery. The auto-draw 510 vape battery offers easier to use handling and functionality with just a little compromise on power delivered to the vape cartridge. Most of the vaporizers on the market today has 510 type of connector – meaning industry standard size of tread for a cartridge. No button vape pen for some people mimics the real smoking experience because there is a resistance to every draw. Others like that you do not have to hit any buttons, can pull it out of your pocket, take a puff, and put it back in almost one motion. Unlike push-button vape pen batteries, auto draw vape pens do not need to be turned on and are activated effortlessly simply by drawing.

      Best vape batteries for cartridges

      History shows that as new users become more experienced they trend towards push-button 510 cartridge battery because of the additional features many of them come with. It gives the user the ability to really hone in on their experience and find their vaping sweet spot. People in colder climates also tend to lean towards a push-button type that has a pre-heat function because this allows a low-voltage current to warm and loosen whatever may be cold or frozen in their cartridge. Push-button vape pen battery usually requires less maintenance than auto draw vapes and need less charging. Shop with confidence at VapeBatt – find the best 510 thread battery for your lifestyle at the best price!